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New Boots

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ok so im getting a new pair of boots.
i wanna get my boots race fit but is it worth freezing my feet off. so should i get a little bigger so im warmer or should i save a 10th of a second when i race? and also atomic rt ti 130, nordica dobermann aggressor 130 wc or tecnica diablo 130?
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Well fitting boots won't be cold. I own the Atomic Race Tech TI-130. My street shoe is a 9 and my boots are 24.0 mondo. That is 3 sizes down.
These boots are the most comfortable, highest performing boots I have ever owned. If your feet get cold, get sock warmers or insulated outer boots. I have insulated outer boots but use them only on the coldest days of the year.
Plug boots do need to be ground by an experienced boot fitter to fit properly.
Never go up a size in performance ski boots for more warmth!
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yeah man im a size 11 shoe and im gonna get a size 25. i know all about the grinding and fitting and stuff but my feet freeze in a size 27 so idk but im really into racing going to ski in college next year thanks for the help tho ive been skiing on atomic gear my whole life but there is so much other good stuff out there its getting harder to decide
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