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Other have mentioned it, but I think Snowbasin is definitely worth serious consideration (assuming they have good snow) as well as Snowbird.

Snowbasin is relatively undiscovered, so it's typically uncrowded. It's a great mountain and I have talked to many people who have said they have had some of their "best skiing ever" there. That's truly high praise.

The drawback is if you are staying in Little Cottonwood Canyon it will be a long drive to (and from) Snowbasin.
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I love the more mellow vibe at Alta. Less poseur attitude and aggression than you'll find at Snowbird. Seems to be less ice, too! Echo the recommendation to try snowbasin, if you have transport. If you liek Alta, you'll probably also like Snowbasin. I loved Powder mountain, but it was a happy day with a brilliant guide and good company (and good snow).

If you can get a deal at Snowbird, check it out, if only to confirm your preference for Alta.
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Fresh Alta News
  • With the weather we have been having, Alta has decided not to open before Thursday, November 29th. We will continue with snowmaking and on Monday afternoon, November 26th we will issue an another update. Pray for Snow!
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