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I am 24 years old, female, 5'5", and 120 lbs. I usually ski about 40-50 days a year, mostly in the trees, powder, steeps (preferably a combination of all three), and sometimes backcountry, moguls and park.

I have really high arches with bony points on the top, narrow heels, average width feet in the front, and very skinny ankles and calves.

Every ski boot I've had either: a) cut off my circulation to the point that all of my toes freeze together -or- b) slid around on my feet b/c of being way too big in the ankles.

If it's at all useful, I have always used Salamon snowboarding boots (with no problems), but their ski boots didn't seem to fit last time I went boot shopping. The boots that cut off my circulation were Langes and the boots that are too big are Technicas.

I'm planning to go see a bootfitter (maybe Jeff Bergeron), but I wanted to know what boots you think might work for me. I'm willing to get custom boots if necessary. Also, how stiff of a boot should I get? I ski tough terrain, but I want a boot that's made for backside powder/steeps type skiing more than carving. Thanks!