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Krypton Or Fulltilt

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I have a pair of Dalbello Krypton Pro's, which I like, and am considering buying my wife either the Storm ID or the Full Tilt Lady. I am familiar with the boot sizing patterns of the Kryptons, but don't know anything about the FullTilts, so was wondering if anyone out in boot expert land knew if a lady who fit into a Krypton Storm mondo 26 would also fit into a Fulltilt 26. Obviously I am asking because I want to save bucks by going internet.
A follow-up question would be if any ladies out there have skied both and would tell me how they compare to each other.

Thanks, and happy fall line running soon,

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They both run true to size. IMHO, speaking for my wife who was on Flexons (Fulltilts) for 10 years and now is in Krypton Storms, just the ease of the Krypton buckles was worth the upgrade. She finds the Storms to be more responsive her old Lady Flexons too.
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