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stockli skis?good?

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Has anyone skied on stockli laser sc the grey slalom ones with big side cut. what did you think of them, stiff? flexible? on their website they talk of their skis being identical to the worldcup ones, does this mean they are stiff as bricks? I don't hear much about stockli but get the feeling they are good. let me know if you've skied on these swiss planks-ta
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The SC is the most amazing turning device since "rack and pinion". I ski the 188 cm and it will make blinding GS turns and at a flinch of the ankle... will cut a radius around a manhole cover. It is not stiff but it is a race ski. You can't steer from the back seat. Engage the front and it does all the rest. I know of some teen racers using the 58 and 68 to race gates. It is pure excitement. I doubt there is another ski on the planet capable of doing what this thing will do. You won't be disappointed!
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5'8" 175lb. Level 7-8 skier

The SC is a truly amazing ski. I have it in a 178 and it is both stable in long GS turns and quick in tight slalom turns. It is not a stiff ski but it has a smooth powerful flex throughout the length of the ski. For more input on it do a search of this forum.
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The SC is a solid, fast, unreal ski. I've never been on anything like it. Stockli's race skis are identical to the World Cup skis since they make so few pair per year (6,000-7,000 race skis total). It's simply too expensive for them to make 2 versions of the race ski. The added benefit of this is that during the year they can make minor adjustments to the design based upon how the skis are performing on the World Cup.

I ski a 178 Laser SC (5'10", 210) and have run it in slalom and GS courses. I've also played with them in super-G training courses. Hop on a pair and you'll be blown away.
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If you use a plate, the SC will be there for you. I am a big boy, and am able to power through the turn. I have not been on the ski, however, without a plate.
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I ski the Laser SC in a 178. Its a great ski, although I am more impressed with the liveliness and responsiveness of the Atomic 9.16. The Laser SC seems to give out/fold if you try to really juice your turns as you enter their completion phase.

- Paul
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