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Originally Posted by steveturner View Post
On a slightly different subject, I understand the knee highs and panty hose options but is there one brand of ski sock that is known to be the slickest. I find my Smartwool socks really stick to my Intuition liners so that the toes are tight and the socks get bunched up under my arch when I put them on.
Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
If that's what you are looking for, go to the ski sock rack and by a pair marked as 'liners' and get them made out of silk. They'll be thin but not as thin as knee-high stockings and will be slick.
I swear by silk.
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Originally Posted by DanL View Post

I suggest that the men among us exchange the name "panty hose" to "full length ultra-shear skiing undergarment".
I prefer manty hose myself.
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Originally Posted by reducedfatoreo View Post
For those who don't need to stinkin' socks but want to avoid stinkin' footbeds, I've been putting those silica gel desiccant packs that come with new clothes (yup, the ones that say DO NOT EAT) into my climbing shoes with positive results. I pop a couple into the shoes after a day of climbing and they help soak the sweat and smell up pretty nicely!
That is a darn good idea

Originally Posted by karpiel View Post
I prefer manty hose myself.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Yep. Go figure.
Ah, but does it help your figure?
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I ski without liners.
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