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Binding Suggestions?

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I just bought a pair of 185 Atomic Snoop Daddys. I need some bindings to put on them that will compliment their outstanding performance. I have been skiing for 13 years and consider myself and advanced skier who skis the whole mountain. I'm 5"9' and about 290. The bindings i have on my other skis are Salomon Carbon 900s (a few years old) and i really enjoy them.

The bindings that I'm looking at for my Snoops are either the Atomic Neox, Solomon Z12 Ti's, or Marker 12.0 Twin Cams.

Any suggestions? Who makes better bindings Marker or Salomon? Do i really need a DIN higher than 12? Any bindings that you just love and would recommend to anyone?

Thanks for your input.
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IMHO, any of those are fine, whichever you can find a better deal on.
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I might get attacked for this, but after having two sets of marker bindings in the late 90's/early 2000's that I was fairly disappointed in, I tend to stay away from them (I hope they have changed...I really want some duke bindings). Although I've never owned salomons, I've never heard a complaint about them. I currently have a set of neox bindings on some metron b5s; they feel solid enough and they do their job. I also had a set of device bindings which I particularly liked: ability to lock the upward release etc. Atomic stuff tends to be more expensive when compared with equally performing gear from other brands. Look is another brand that makes a good binding at a decent price. IMHO you'll probably get the most bang for your buck out a pair of Salomons. As far as din settings; what's your DIN setting on your current skis? From the way you describe yourself, and weighing in 290 lbs. it may not be a bad idea to look for a binding that is a little more stout. Just my $.02
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My DIN is at about 8.5-9 from last season and I haven't had any problems. I never really changed the DIN, i just left it where the shop set it. What would be a situation where i would want to tighten them up or loosen the DIN?
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290???? I would suggest a metal housed binding. especially on a ski in the 90mm range. the composites of a 12 din binding will torque and you will loose rigidity. Go with a 14 or 16 DIN.
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I've never heard of or seen a metal housed binding. what manufacturer makes these?
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I'm 5'10" 160 lbs. level 7/8 skier. My DIN setting varies with ski choice, conditions, and I generally increase it as the season goes on...that being said, my average DIN setting is an 8. Anything lower than a 7.5 and I tend to pop skis off with regularity (usually on hard landings). DIN settings vary with skier weight/height, boot sole length, level of aggressiveness, and willingness to sacrifice ones knees for performance . I agree with Phil, you should probably look into some burly bindings. It's probably better to have more DIN than you don't want start suffering from premature ejections do you?
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Originally Posted by iceaxe View Post
I'm 5'10" 160 lbs. level 7/8 skier. My DIN setting varies with ski choice, conditions, and I generally increase it as the season goes on...that being said, my average DIN setting is an 8.
That seems pretty low to me although i guess it depends what you ski.. I weigh 125 pounds (about no idea exactly) and would say i was level 8-9 and i use DIN 8 or 9... 9 for freestyle / hucking, 8 all mountain... maybe thats too high but the skis still come off when i crash..
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Mojo 15.


or Look P14.
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I was giving the man a conservative estimate. I tend to demo skis a lot as don't currently have good "out-west" ski. The shop guys always recommend a din of 7.5 and to that I reply "not if you want these back at the end of the day". I think I ended last season with the din on my metron b5s set a 9. Remember that sole length makes a difference too: the smaller the sole length, the higher the DIN.
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depends on what kind of skiing you are doing. i am 165 lbs 6 feet tall and ski with my dins on 13. but thats only because i race. on my free skis its on like 8 or 9 so i would go with the neox 614 or even better if you can get a pair get the atomic racer 614 they are the best bindings i have ever had and they should be in your ski level and weight range
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