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Originally Posted by Supra282 View Post
if i am wrong feel free to correct me but isn't the salomon not a cap but some mono something or other
Cap, monocoque, monoblock, Beta - doesn't matter. None of them have vertical sidewalls.
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What in the world is up with the rocker? A removeable split tail? WTF?
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My basic rule is if I use a brand its good, if I don't it sucks. For the first 5 years of this century I had Salomons in my quiver so they were good but not the last two years, so Salomon sucked. This year I have a Salomon in my quiver again so its a good brand.

The one exception to this rule is Volants. Even though I had some Chubbs in my quiver last year they brand still sucked.
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Originally Posted by huggyd View Post
This is true, and something i overlooked. However, it still doesn't answer my main question of why no one seems to mention them on these forums. The fact that many pros ride salomon, and they have a varied range (ttwo points you illustrated) should result in more talk about them. But if you just look at the review section, salomon reviews are far and few between....
Its all in the memo they sent you with you after your first post on SGD. All REAL SKIS have to have wood core laminate vertical sidewall race room constructed, blah blah, blah. If a is built any other way then it "Sucks" and no one from epic will want to read about it.

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