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Boot fitting and FIS rules

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Just started the boot fitting process. Went for my first fitting session today, had custom footboards made, got the pressure points marked on the boot for grinding and stretching (mainly ankles), and had a couple angles and what not measured. While I don't believe I had the entire stance analysis yet, the boot fitter I was working with was talking about the possibility of grinding the sole to adjust the angle if the adjustment cannot be made form the interior of the boot, or putting shims underneath the binding instead of adjusting the boot.

Does anyone know generally how much work, and what kind of work, can be done on a FIS legal boot before it no longer is up to regulation? Several members of my college race team have been called out on FIS regulation violations, and have had their equipment shipped off for analysis, etc. While the chance of this happening to me is somewhat small, I don't want to hurt the team in points, as well as cause myself to be disqualified simply because I didn't check up on rules. Any information on the subject is appreciated.
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you can do pretty much what you like in the way of mods, BUT the distance from the sole of the boot [externally] to the sole of your foot [internally] can be no more than 43mm for world cup and [for this year only as i read it ] 45mm for all other levels of racing....

if you go to www.fis-ski.com there is a rather large PDF document with all the rules you could ever find useful and plenty which will mean nothing to you thye section on equipment has all the boot height regs.... canting the boot sole with a sole planer is fine, you will need to put a lifter on to protect the work and when that is done the boot must not be over height....if your fitter is doing this type of work he should have the tools to check that the boot is still legal
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This is measured at the heel only, YES???!!!!
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measured at the mid point of the heel [or wherever the rules official puts his gauge ]
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Thanks for the response CEM. I have talked to my boot-fitter and he assured me that all modifications are within the FIS limits.

Just as a side question, he said that I was 0.5 degrees off on my left leg, and that I should think about the possibility of getting my boot planed. Is 0.5 degrees really THAT much of a difference that I should go through all the trouble of having someone play around with a boot like that?
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first thing i would do is test it out by putting a couple of layers of duct tape on the brake pedal and AFD of the binding and have a few gentle runs,[bare in mind that this will affect the binding release so go easy] if you feel the difference and it feels better then go ahead and have the work done
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Cole is correct about stance height, but be a little cautious with your fitter's advice unless he has a way to actually measure the boot. I have seen boots from manufacturers this season that are overheight and don't forget that your footbed is part of the measurement.

When I set up new boots for racers I try to stay right to the limit if everything is new and assume that once skied there will be a little permanent compression.
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