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The kids I train like skiing without poles, so we do a few runs without now & then. (I have to carry the bundle of a dozen pairs of poles, but I'm not using them either...) It's fun for the kids, and there are training goals that I can work in without using poles. Adult training will sometimes involve leaving poles behind too, for specific training effects. However, the final goal for complete skiing is to be able to use poles properly when needed, so we almost always finish with our poles back on again.
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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
Wait... how do I vote in this one

Seriously, I've been wondering for a few years now why skiers in those comps still use poles. Especially in the half pipe.
I'm a year behinds here

I was watching the Dew Tour yesterday and thought why are these folks carrying poles in the pipe? Not a single competitor planted anywhere beyond the start house. I can see them still of some use for slopestyle because it's nice to stick 4 point landings with hands out front planting poles as you touch down when not landing switch. But, I'm really surprised folks haven't started skiing pipes without poles. I knew a few old timers that skied ballet without poles. I'm not advocating skiing normal terrain without them thogh.
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most racers are very proficient without poles. Many coaches have their racers do drills without poles and run gates without poles in order to help refine balance.

For the park, when I do venture in the park (a few times a year) I use my poles out of habit but if I were competing and lived in the park I'd probably drop them.
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I'm too old/fat/unfit (choose any two) to go in the park, but to my mind if that's where you spend your day poles must just get in the way.
Regular mountain, the steeper it gets, the more you need your poles for timing the turn eg in bumps or trees.
Whatever suites - go for it & let's all have fun out there together!

CW :-)
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Gratuitous, pointless post just to get the numbers up

Hey, it's my hundredth post!

Can you hear the fanfare?

Me neither, but it's nice to get the ton up after all this time.

CW :-)
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Poles are a crutch for weak minded skiers. I ski with poles.
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Since no one else has advocated for poles in the park/pipe, I've got a few Pros of poles in said locations:

pushing off, at a lot of parks, especially in the flat, small terrain parks of the east coast, hits are very close together and you need to build up lots of speed in a short distance. Poles help that.

landings can be easier with poles

poles can add style and flair to tricks. just another element to move, although I haven't seen too many pole tricks, it could be done

using poles to help augment spins and flips. I'm pretty bad at p&p, so I may be off base here, but I think that you could use your poles to help control spins and flips

Ultimately it comes down to the person more than the discipline of the sport they are partaking in. Some do better with poles, some do better without. Some like poles while freeskiing, but go sans pole in the terrain park, etc etc etc etc.
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Coming from an experienced park skier, it doesn't ******* matter, and this is a very very very dead argument. For a lengthy (53 page) discussion, I reccomend looking at this forum

K thats my 5 posts, Im out!
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hill = poles, no fun without

p & p = no poles, more balance w/ fingers out/finesse + easer to catch yourself when falling
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I love my poles, cause i learned with them, and lean on them and count on them but..........I never give them to a beginner because they get in their way, so maybe if I'd never had them, I'd feel really different about it. I can ski without them, but when doing so, I pretend they're are in my hands and give a wrist flick for each imaginary pole plant. As far as in the park goes, i didn't know people used them in the park, would seem almost dangerous to me, but, I stay outta the park, can't teach an old dog too many new tricks. The old dogs bones break too easy.
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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post
I love my poles, cause i learned with them, and lean on them and count on them but..........I never give them to a beginner because they get in their way
Agree 100%

You are a better skier without them while learning, forces you to ski with balance, can't think of any instructor that teaches with poles.

Poles are only a tool in advanced terrine, the days of the gaper save (using pole to save you when tipping over )are over thanks to modern instruction techniques.

Just my opinion.
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