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Colorado Sucks?

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Who says Colorado sucks? I just spent the best time of my Life skiing fresh Powder every day. Two days at "The Boat" with both days over a foot of fresh stuff, deeper in the trees. And four days at Copper in what was the best conditions of the year and Saturday was heaven with thigh deep stuff and it kept snowing all day. What a blast! Bob Barns, I envy you. Only glitch in the whole trip was the terrain park at Copper where my Son broke both bones in his lower leg on Wednesday. Last rail on the left. Compound fracture. My hats off to Ward Hamilton of the Ski Patrol there and the fine job he did in getting Daryl to the Medical center. And, the fine job at the Steadman Clinic in Vail for their excellence in putting him back together. Our luck was having the best in the world treat our Son and we really appreciate it believe me.
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The Truama Park does it again. Best luck to ya'll.

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Glad you had fun. You picked the best week of the year so far!

Sorry about your son. If you do have to break your leg, nice to have the Steadman-Hawkins clinic available.
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Colorado Sucks?????

Who has been saying that? . . . What many have been talking about is the fact that Colorado DOES have great skiing, but it doesn't come without a few prices to be paid for it. Two of the most glaring; would be the crowds along the I-70 corridor, and the lack of low altitude housing sites around the ski areas. Of course the second reason is why the skiing is so good, but it does affect the 'enjoyment' of some people when they try to run up there for a weekend of 'run and gun' snowplay. All in all, Colorado can boast the highest number of skier visits for a number of spectacular reasons!

Sure sorry to hear about your son's misfortune! The plus side is that he has a terrific story to go with the incident for the rest of his life. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by feal:
Colorado Sucks?????

Geeeze, I thought the Avalanche were playing pretty well right now....

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It's been tough duty the past 5 days-probably 3 feet of freshies at Copper. Actually had to straight run an intermediate trail on the way to lineup because the snow was over my knees. It's still dumping at the moment.

And I've got second day skier returns tomorrow morning.

Guess we'll catch the 9 O'Clock chair to rip some freshies before work. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Hi Lars--

Glad you had a good time in Colorado. You did pick a GREAT time to be here!

Sorry I missed you--I'd have enjoyed meeting you. I've been on the road a bunch--you've skied Copper more than I have in 2003. But the snow has been excellent too in Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, Sunlight, Crested Butte, Beaver Creek, Purgatory, Vail, Breckenridge, Loveland, Eldora, Santa Fe NM, Taos NM.... February and March have been good to all of us here. Let's hope it keeps up!

I've been away from EpicSki too, unfortunately--this is my first post in probably two weeks. I'm WAY behind!

Enjoy the snow, everyone!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yea, colorado has been wonderful this week. great snow and the terrain parks are jsut getting bigger, breckendridge built up their tables a little, on their peak 8 park they built up the first hit to a 55 foot gap, and i heard something of the second one being from 60-65 feet. they felt very nice goin off, you have to love the park crew at breckenrdige, they keep things safe by providing quality lips and a park of beauty. as for your son getting hurt at copper, that sucks. does'nt surprise me he didn't hurt himself on their jumps however, they're tiny.
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