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Look Pivot 12 Bindings

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I have a opportunity to buy some LOOK Pivot 12 bindings. These are advertised as Racing bindings and they have the pivot style heel which I believe I want after reading dome of the threads on this site.

My questions is what makes this a racing type binding? 12 DIN seems like a low DIN for a racing binding. I would be using them in a AM environment with a tendency to bumps and steeps. I am a expert level skier weighing 175.

Thanks for any input offered
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Sounds like either an effusive seller, a question of color choice, or marketing to a junior racing base. 12 DIN is not an adult racing binding.

The Pivot 12 was, and is, a very good binding -- the last generation of consumer Look turntables, differing from the 14 (and the rarer 11 and 10) primarily in its spring. Unlike the all-metal P18, it is a combination of metal and plastic, which is why I'd consider it a consumer binding. I currently use the Rossignol-branded version of the 14 and have a pair of 11s as backups for either my wife or me.

The heel lever is a definite plus when you're trying to get the ski back on in deep snow, as you can pull up instead of requiring resistance from the snow; it is a disadvantage, however, if you intend to use these with BCA Alpine Trekkers for light touring.

As for whether they're suitable for you, what DIN settings do you run? (Personally, I try to stay at least 1-2 off the high or low end of any binding's range, although that may be superstition as much as anything.) Have you ever broken a pair of bindings, and if so, what were the circumstances? (If you have broken bindings, you might be better served by an all-metal binding.) What skis are you thinking about mounting these on? And how good is the deal? (I believe that Level Nine Sports still sells them for under $100.)

And what's an AM environment? Morning?
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Sorry. By AM I mean "All Mountain". I will be mounting them on a pair of Stockli Laser Cross II.

I have never broken bindings before and my DIN is usually set in the 8.5 range. The same seller has a set of P18's but the lowest DIN is 8 which i believe is to high of a low setting for my weight and intended use.

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alpinedad: thanks for the tip on the P12 bindings at Level Nine Sports. I was looking for some and just ordered a set from them. They are the rental version (long rear track) for $89 + $10 for shipping.

You are correct that you can latch them in powder by pulling up the heel piece; a good feature if you fall in powder. Of course, I never do.
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No problem, crudmeister.

slow: A 12-DIN binding should suit you fine. Looking at that auction, I may need to correct myself on the racing issue, though. That appears to be an FKS-style heel, more like the P18 than the usual 12 and 14s, although they appear to be plastic rather than metal. (You may also have an issue if you ever want to mount these on wider skis, since the brakes are not replaceable and would have to be bent.)

By the way, while the Look P-series turntables have definite adherents, and the newer PX series is newer, and therefore has fewer fans, I've not heard any actual reports of problems with the PXes, as opposed to people who lament the demise of the turntable. The PX series will presumably be on the indemnification list longer, and you can find them cheaper than that particular auction. Just a thought.
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Thanks again.

Any advantages or disadvantages, that you know of, with the FKS style heel?
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I haven't skied them. The primary disadvantage of which I'm aware is the fixed brakes.
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- Have to bend brakes to fit on wide skis

- Indestructable
- free-flex
- short mounting footprint
- huge elasticity (no pre-release. Ever.)
- easy to get on in powder
- respect from those in the know
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Yes ... the Racing Pivot 12 is a genuine racing binding. It is meant for lighter racers. I'm struggling with a set myself at the moment ... trying to find out if the plate needs adjustment forward or backward. My issue is that the dynastar ski - a Speed Course ti 178 - does not have any mark to match up to my boot mark.


I'm 155-60 lbs and intend to use this ski in bumps and crud as well as hardpack. I've used the Rossig. Axium ... the same binding ... in a DIN 12 and never had a problem. Look springs are strong. My Markers will prerelease at 11 or 12, not the Looks

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