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Ski Backpacks

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Does anyone know of a decent backpack that has the ability to carry a pair of ski's? I wont be using it that often, just for occasional trips. I am looking to spend under $80. Thanks in advance!
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Not for under $80. Consider some string.
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BCA squall pack.
dakine Heli pack w/o bladder.
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I love my Dakine Heli Pack. Skis are held diagonally, and they don't move around much. I think it was around $60. I think the Heli Pro is a little larger and is around $80.

Only thing I don't like about it is that the skis can only be held diagonally one way (top left to lower right), so if you're hiking across a steep face the skis can drag on the snow. Not a huge deal, but I think I will get a pack that can hold skis diagonally, both directions.
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BCA Stash Pack
$85, ebay
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I second the Dakine packs. It really depends on how much you want to carry. The Heli Day is super low profile, just enough for a bladder, and a few other small things. I've used the heli pro (slightly larger pack) for all day excursion into RMNP. Whats nice is that these packs will carry skis or a snowboard--the snowboard straps can double duty for snow shoes.
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Thank you all for your advice, i'll take a look into your suggestions.
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some suggestions (on sale, really cheap). Click through the ad on epic and go to the outlet page:

I think the last option (the BCA at REI) is the best choice in terms of a technical pack, with the Ortovox a 2nd choice (those give you the choice of a diagonal or A-frame ski carry, the Dakine's are only diagonal. Depends on terrain and personal preference.) I have a BCA Alp40 and it's great althought the shoulder straps are a little too far apart for me. I think the little Dakine is much too small for carrying the stuff you need in the BC- it is really an inbounds pack, but that may be what you are looking for.
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Thanks for your suggestions DP. I don't know if i will be spending the whole day in the BC, maybe just the morning and then hit the groomers in the afternoon. So i might go with the Dakine Heli or Heli Pro.
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So what's the best way to carry your skis, aframe or diagonal? Is 15L too big for a day pack, short hikes carrying skis, touring on backcountry gear? 

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Originally Posted by jimmy View Post

So what's the best way to carry your skis, aframe or diagonal? Is 15L too big for a day pack, short hikes carrying skis, touring on backcountry gear? 

It depends and it depends.  


Diagonal carry is more convenient to put on the pack so it's pretty good for a short haul, but IME A-frame is much better for a longer hike because the skis are closer to your CoG and much more stable if it's windy or you're climbing something tricky.  


The volume question depends on what you're carrying which depends on where you're going.  Got extra layers, avy tools, lunch, 2+ liters of H2O, repair/1st aid kit, skins?  Then 15l may not be big enough.  Just slipping out for a quick run with avy tools and a little water and not too far from the road?  Then 15l might work.  But is 15l too big?  Not likely, again IME, YMMV, IANAL, etc.  


FWIW my day ski tour pack for mellower stuff is 26l, and my pack for big-boy days (long tours, crampons, bivy bag, ice axe, lots of water and extra stuff) is 38l.  


Get your gear and lay it out and try to figure out if it will fit in a 15l pack.  And remember it's easier to put 3 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag than it is to put 5 pounds into a 3 pound bag.  

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FWIW, I far prefer the A-Frame. I have a day pack with the diagonal carry and to be honest, it just pisses me off. I'm about 5'10" but have relatively short legs. My normal touring ski is a 188. On ascents and descents I sometimes hit the back of my legs with the bottom of my skis. Additionally, they tend to flop around back there and jack with your CoG, which can be unnerving in the wrong conditions. If you get a good A-Frame setup, i've found that strapping them on is actually faster.


I'd also echo the go bigger sentiments. Most packs will collapse down nicely if you don't have them filled. The extra weight of a bigger pack is pretty meaningless especially given where it is located on your body. Unless you're just doing some hiking in the resort, I would get a reasonable pack that you could use to hit a hut as well as a short 4 hour tour on a Sunday.


That's my two cents.

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Thanks Bob, Que. I'm leaning towards the A frame carry. Seems like it wouldn't take any longer to load up the skis? I have a 2L camelbak, after taking a look at what else i usually carry to work I think 20/22 litre pack is the way to go.

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I just today purchased the DaKine Heli Pro 20L.  REI had it on closeout so It may be discontinued but for $44.00 I was not going to pass it up.

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