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Tomorrow, Front Range??

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Thinking about a half day at the Basin or Loveland tomorrow morning if I don't go climbing. Anyone else going?
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We'll be doing a couple of hours at Keystone tomorrow, get to the Gondola before 9, leave by 11, leave our condo for the drive back to Los Angeles by 1 pm (hopefully). It was fun yesterday and today but got crowded by around 1 pm.
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I didn't realize thay were open- thought it was next week. What do they have open? The web site reports 3 lifts but only 2 trails (doesn't make much sense!)
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Spring Dipper to the Montezuma lift. River Run is open. Montezuma closed.

I was not enthralled with Keystone and the folks working there thought the mountain made a mistake by opening early. Anyhoo, it was fine for what was open, but A-Basin was better (skied there after two runs at Keystone).

Keystone is thought to have opened early to match Copper's opening date - per the folks working the lifts.

Regardless, it was fun being up than staring at the ceiling thinking about when I'd get out.
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Mountain House is closed. Montezuma is open.

Long day.
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