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K2 Silencer V.S. K2 Public Enemy

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I am 18 years old 5"7 140 pounds and skiied from when i was 5 untill i was about 12. I could ski black diamond runs and for my age was a good skiier. Then i swiched over to the dark side of snowboarding. Long story short i want to go back to skiing and i have narrowed it down to the silencers or the PE's. I want an all mountain ski that i can dip into the park with but the biggest thing is to be able to skii groomers and some hard packed crappy terrain. So for strait up all mountain all terrain riding which is better. I hear the PE's scratches fast and the top sheet is weak....dont knwo if its true


Silencer or PE thx for all help/suggestions
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That was the 06? with the Ptex top. The silencers will be a lot softer than the PE, I hear almost soft as the Fujative, not sure on that though. I think they also have a foam core.
Long story short, get the PE's, you will not regret it. I don't regret mine! mount then about +2, or if you want to play in the park/ski switch a lot +3. Get Look PX12 Jibs, or something like them (bunch of different variations on Basically the same binding.)
Get them in 164 159 depends if you like a longer or shorter ski both would fit you (I believe)
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Both the silencer at the public enemy arent pure twin tips. Meaning they have a different dimensions at the tail than at the tip. This means you cant center mount them. So if you want to be able to hop into parks but still ski all mountain your at least looking at the right ski. Not having a pure twin tip will give you more turning radius for the rest of the mountain. And since you've probably never skied on a pure twin before you wont really know the difference between sticking a landing on either. The PE's are a better ski. The silencer is basically a beginner ski for the park. They do scratch a lot based on some of my friends experience

For ski lengths... make sure they are above your forehead. The amount of ski thats actually touching the snow is less because the tail is curved up.

If you'd consider a different ski, the Atomic Urban Punx is a good twin tip. Thats the unpure twin tip. The Atomic Punx (i own) is the pure twin and i've had no problems so far. No matter which way you go, you should be set with your skiing ability. Hope i helped
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The Silencer is the old Public Enemy circa' 2001.
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