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Finally got out for some real skiing, post injury. Found turns to my left (right foot outside) were much better than turns to my right. Seemed I was always catching the inside edge of my right ski when turning to my right. Could this be an alignment issue?
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Yes it can be.

It can also be a muscle strength issue. You need to have someone who has a good eye watch you or get to someone that does alignment/canting and have them take a look. NOTE:Boot fitter does not always mean they do alignment/canting so be sure to do your homework before plunking down money.

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Any recommendations regarding people or shops that do good alignment work. Live in RI so someplace in Southern NH or Southern VT would be most convenient though anywhere in NE would be viable. Thanks.
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Green Mountain Orthodic Lab at Stratton VT or Ski Stop in Westwood MA if you don't want to drive as far. If you come up I95 from RI, Ski Stop is only a couple miles off the highway. Call either place first and try to make an appointment.
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