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Lange sizing

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I have a pair of Banshee 110 boots that I have truly loved. Buckle up in the morning and ski with out adjustments. They have begun to pack out and I have had to crank down the buckles to tighten them. They are 27.5 and my shoe size is 10. When I bought them they were supposed to be a larger last than the Langes before them. I want to upgrade to a 130 Free or a Nordica Speedmachine 14. I like the Langes, are the 130s the same last? I don't have any ski shops that sell the upscale boots, so I have to do shopping online or travel 3hrs to try on a limited choice of boots. I ski aprox 30 days a season.
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the new 130 is a different shape, but similar.

try the size 9 on and also the 8, most people are down one shell size from old vintage to the new vintage.
this years 130FR is the same as last years 120FR, both use the HP last (98mm)
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