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Was this a bad deal?

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So I've been skiing for four years and decided to buy new boots. I can ski most of the slopes at any resorts minus the double black expert type stuff. I went to a store Peter glenn sports to buy new boots and informed them that I was an advance skier and needed some new boots. They said they had a great model, "the best buy for your buck." the boot was Technica icon alu 04. They really talked it up and I bought them there for 300 dollars. Now I'm home looking online and see much newer models for approximately the same price. Did I get ripped off with these? I'm a bit annoyed at myself for buying something without checking into it but I got a bit carried away. Any information would be appreciated.
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First question is. do the new boots fit. A good deal is worthless on boots that are not the right size..

$300 if they are the right boot is a OK price, not a steal, not overpriced.
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