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Anna Sitski

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True Story:

The Mountain Manager calls up the patrol hut on the radio. “Say guys we are looking for a skier, Anna Sitski, who got separated from her party. Would you please go take a look on Alpine and Showcase?”

Patrol radios back, “Sure we’ll send a couple of people down to look for her. Can you give us a better description please?”

Silence, then “Well, she’s probably the only paraplegic skier on a sit-ski in that area”.

We are having the rec-unlimited give us a briefing on their program next week.

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Just reading up on teaching kids, and the type of humor they have...how old are you? I am "des old"

Okay, you got some of us "hooked". In a different thread I mentioned I was going to work with an injuried skier to see if she would try adaptive skiing because her doctor said "no" to regular skiing.

Semi rant : coming.. I contacted disabled ski and asked about a video I could show people showing what adaptive skiing was all about. So I spent $15 (for a good cause) for a video-Hartford Ski Spectacular. I figured, maybe some instruction, some fancy demos, some racing...something!

The video was a long ad for Hartford (sponsor) with great songs, splicing, but doesn't show a long enough clip to say....that is what/how they do it!

Are there any videos out there for instructors/coaches showing what/how it is done? Even the US Ski Team site doesn't have videos on the paraolympics. I heard last year that a team for the synchronized competition had a disabled skier in it. Is there "film at 11" showing this?

Are the adaptive really hidden second class citizens? I hope not. I hope I just haven't found the right connection yet.

If we are interested in the sport, we need to help/protect all aspects of it.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KeeTov:

Are the adaptive really hidden second class citizens? I hope not. I hope I just haven't found the right connection yet.


Well I don't know what kind of programs we have in Washington but adaptive skiers are certainly not hidden here. At my regular ski hill I personally know of four adaptive skiers. Man they are unbelieveable!!! I've had the pleasure of riding up with one particular skier and picked his brain about gear and technique, etc. I never fail to be impressed.

Perhaps Washington has some sort of program. I'd be happy to check into it for you.
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keetov, Sunday River has a great adaptive skiing program. The skiers are trained, the parents are trained, the trainers are trained. Contact Sunday River [in Bethel or Newry, Maine] to see if they can connect you up with the adaptive ski program and then someone there might be able to direct you to videos, assuming that there are any. When I saw what is being done by the skiers and the trainers, I was amazed - AMAZED!!! For those who do and those who teach, they have my undying admiration and respect. If watching that doesn't make you proud to be a human being and glad to be alive, then what will?
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Keetov: I'm the technical director of one of the largest adaptive ski programs in the east at Loon Mt. NH, known as the White Mountain Adaptive Snowsports School at Loon.

I have a film that may be just what you're looking for. However, I have only one copy. If you will send me your mailing address I will send it to you. The only catch is that I will first have to have a copy made. Let me know if you're interested and I'll try to help you out. One of our coaches who is a mono-skier, Chris Devlin-Young, has just made the US Para Olympic team and will compete in SaltLake right after the Olympics are over this month.

Thanks for your interest in adaptive skiing.


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You also might want to contact the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) in Winter Park, Colorado. They are the largest, most comprehensive adaptive ski school in the world. I learned to ski thru them, and they are great!
They can be contacted as follows: www.nscd.org
email: info@nscd.org
phone: 970-726-1540
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Thanks whtmt and trunkman.

whtmt-pm is sent.
trunkman-took a quick look at the site this morning-looks nice, will explore later.
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KeeTov, You might want to take a look at Oregon Adaptive Skiing [img]smile.gif[/img]
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