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Today I went to the local ski gear shop and came home with a pair of Dalbello Krypton Rampage. his being the first time I purchase ski boots I thought I would like a second opinion (So far I have always rented).

I went to the local shop yesterday and got a jung sales person who didn't seem so knowlagable who fitted me with a pair of Lange CLR 80 and a Tecnica Magma both size 28.5. Even though the Tecnica seemed very comfortable and I knew from review it is a great boot I excussed myself and left the shop. (See my feet size details below).

I know the shop have a reputation for being quite knowlegeable so I went back today and talked to another guy. He seemd much more professional in his approach. First he looked at my feet then measured both of them, noting that I have narrow feet. He then asked about my skill level and what type of skiing I like the most. I told him my preferenced but explained I wanted a boot that I could grow with.

First then did he recommend boots. He paired me with completely different boots than the guy from yesterday, all size 27 (1.5 step down compared to yesterday). I tried I think 5 boots of which two seemed the most comfortable. These where the Nordica SpeedMachine 8 and the Dalbello Rampage with Dalbello being just slightly more comfortable (I wore a set of both for at least 15 minutes before evaluating. Also I tried the Nordica on one foot and the Dalbello on the other for an exteded period for direct
comparison). Because I liked the Tecnica Magma from yesterday I asked about them but he told me that he thought they would be way too stiff for my level and he did not have them in my size (he only had size 28 in stock).

Common for all the boots I tried today was that they put quite some preasure on the inside of my angle. I told the sales person about this and he told me not to worry. He had noticed that I had quite a big angle bone and that they could bootfit the boots in the right place if needed. They have a good service where they allow you to buy the boots, take them home for wearing (not able to ski them) for 8 days and if you don't like them or regret they provide full refund. So I brought them home. I was told that when I had decided they would help me do a heat fit of the liner and also provide free bootfitting in case of hot spots. They have a boot fit guarantee.

When I came home I looked the boots up on the net and discovred that they are freeride boots. I would have imagined they would have given me some allmountain or some of the lower flex race boots as I ski mostly on prepares slopes. This is also why I am looking for at second opinion. However, I would like to progress to off piste at some point.

Today I did a shell fit at home (they guy at the store did not think it was necessary) and I measured about 2cm from heel to shell wall with the toes just slight touching the front shell (Both me and my wife tried and came to the same conclusion even if it quite har to do accuarate measurement). Side to side there is about 1-2mm of space between foot and shell (estimated by moving feet around) with very little space at the inside ankle (it is as if it touches the ankle).

I wore the boots for around ½ an hour today at home (mixed sitting and walking around). The boot seem to fit quite snugly and I could feel the preasure at the ankle. When I took of the boot I quickly removed my skiing socks and looked for red areas. I noticed the following areas on both feet:

*) Red ankle. Seemed a bit sore.
*) Slightly red stipe across the top foot close to the toes.
*) Slightly red spot where the big toe is attached to the foot (the big knockle).

What do you experts think?

My data are as follows:

*) Foot length: 26.1 cm right foot 26.6 cm left foot (measured from wall to tip with heel firm agains wall)
*) Foot width: 9.5 - 10.5cm at the widest part on both feet.

*) Age: 34
*) Height: 191 cm (about 6.25 feet)
*) Physical shape: Have been better but I will start swimming and running to get in shape during next 2½ month. I am not very strong but not weak either.
*) Weight: 85-88 Kg (About 190 pounds)

*) Skiing skill/preferences:
+ 3 x 8 days on skis + 2 odd skiing weekends.
+ Like red slopes a lot and like medium to semi fast but not lightning fast. Can also navigate a black slope but with slower speed.
+ Have been very little to the park but find it fun doing small slow speed jumps, going through sinus slopes and goingf through tight curved hairpin turns (what is this type of ride called?).
+ Last time I went I tried a bit of off pist / powder which was fun but quite challeging.

I plan to go skiing 8 days a year and hope to improve every year.

I would like to hear your opinion on these boots. Are they the right choice and if yes should I go with a number higher or smaller in size. Finally the flex rating on these boots are 80-110. Should I start at the 80, 95 or 110 setting?

Thanks so much in advance for any comments you might have

Best regards