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My New Goode Ski Poles

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Well, I purchased new skis this year so I thought I might as well get a quality pole. I have been using heavy Scott poles and they tire my arms out and sometimes can be distracting due to the weight. I wanted a light ski pole and decided on a pair of Goode carbon poles.


Does anyone use these poles here?
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I have the original Goode Carbon poles. I bought them in the early 90's. A couple years ago, I removed the Goode grips and replaced them with Leki Trigger Grips.

I highly recommend them.
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I have older Goode carbon poles however they are solid and if as Fish indicates, I'd love to replace the wimpy Goode strap since they are hard to get into getting off the lift .. the material is limp and just collapses on itself.

They are slim like the ones in the pic ... but .. if they are hollow, I'd be real careful with them regarding too much pressure, falling on them and stuff like that.

Arms getting tired? Hmmmmmm? How long are those poles? Scott makes poles in different alu/alloy blends .... but even the cheap ones are light ... what you may want to experiment with now with your old poles ... is cutting them down little by little till you find the right length. IMHO, most people are skiing with poles that are a bit too long.

Then cut the Goodes ... check first if they are hollow shafts to see if they can be cut. Some Goodes have an allen screw on the side that will allow for a small bit of length adjustment.

With my Goode .. solid carbons ... I took off about a quarter inch over three outings till they were just right. The tip off on this came from grabbing my wifes identical poles one day and they felt a bit better than mine.
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