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1 day learn to ski lesson

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Going skiiing for the first time this Christmas. We're thinking about taking a "1 day learn to ski" lesson at the Snodome in Milton Keynes http://www.xscape.co.uk/snow/

Clearly I'm not really going to learn to ski in 1 day but my logic is I should get the very basics before heading off to the real thing.

What could I expect to get out of a 1 day lesson like this? Is it a good idea? Could I perhaps be better of waiting till I get to Chamonix?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to EpicSki damo2567!

Any instruction is better than "no instruction". We have a few members here who have some experience at xscape.
You may find a few more on www.snowheads.com, which is a UK based Ski Community.

See what you can find there, but stick around here as well. Its always great to share our love of snowsports!!

*Our very own Wear the Fox Hat posted some ski reviews that he did there.
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Gooday damo2576,

Are you going solo? Don't be to hard on yourself it's suppost to be fun. Post a picture of your ski trip on Epic, Cheers.
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Definatley a good idea!
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You can learn to ski in one day! I wouldn't have believed it until I started teaching, but it's true. I have had some of my first day students making parallel turns and ready to go blue at the end of their lesson (lessons go from 10-4 with a one hour lunch). This is not because I am a great instructor (although I think I do a good and sometimes great job) it's about the PSIA progressions that I was taught and the new equipment that is out there. It took me years to get that good when I started. It's all about fun anyway and the best skier smiles the biggest. Get a head start on a lifetime of fun.
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In the UK, they don't use PSIA; I'm not familiar with their system. That said, yes, you absolutely should go get a few lessons before heading to the alps. You'll want to maximize your time there.

Are you going with a group tour, or going it alone? I've noticed many Brits do the holiday with instruction/guiding included. Those types of programs seem a bit less geared to providing skier progression than we usually do in the US.
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Sounds like much to gain and little to loose by getting the basics out of the way.

Get some linked turns down pat and go cruise and enjoy the mind blowing vistas.

There is no reason that a reasonably competent instructor couldn't have you doing linked turns quite nicely after a day with him or her. Heck even I could teach that at the end of an hour and a half .... that is the goal for the first lesson under the PSIA system in a group lesson.

Anyone having reasonable/average strength, coordination, and most importantly, the want to ski with a good (patient) attitude can do this.

Got my thumbs up on that one!
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What can you learn....Balance. This is your focus. Everything starts from this wonderful place.

Find it in the snodome.... Conditions would likely be the best and one might hope htey have a good beginners area and some really, really good instructrors for teaching---NEVER EVERS.

Don't wait for the sno-dome. Start your balance workouts today. At your desk, at home whereever. Stand on one foot. Bend your ankle---hint.
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