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WTB: Atomic Neox 412

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I do not care what color or cosmetic condition. As long as they are in good working order and will fit a 84mm wide ski (M:EX). I can bend the 76mm wide brakes so those will work.

E-mail or PM me.

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Would it be ok if they are on demo plates? I just bought a pair of Snoop Daddys and took off the Neox demo binding. BTW I have the M:EXs with Neox 12s as my front side skis and love them, nothing turns like them that I have ever been on.
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I have a pair of new green ones I will sell for $150!
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Try Liquidation sports, they sell on ebay. contact them via email, they will hook you up.
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i have a new pair

110 bucks shipped if interested pm me
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name that tune!
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