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Salomon X-Wave 8 replacement

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I have a pair of Soloman X-Wave 8s that are a few seasons old. They were the model sold before they added the hex cutout pattern on the sides. Since I know that this was a popular boot and I am looking for a replacement, I was wondering what owners of this boot upgraded/switched to for a newer boot. In other words, what boot fit you similarly to the older X-Wave 8?
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quickk9: See my post here:


I have X-Wave 10(I'm a big guy) and the Intuitions made the difference.
I believe good amount of the loss of performance in boots that are several years is from the packing-out of "comfort built" liners. Just my opinion.
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what did you like or dislike about the wave 8?

impact is a wave with a bit tighter heel.
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Liked the X-Wave 8. Yes, the heel did lift a bit in the pocket. The fact of the matter is that I have a $500 credit at a local shop and I don't need new skis - too many already so I thought that since my boots were older than any of my skis, they would be a likely upgrade. Yes, I know I could have worse problems, but I would like to get rid of my credit and I thought boots and new heaters would take care of it. Selfish but true...Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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look at the new salomon impact 7,8, or 9. It is a Xwave forefoot with a tighter heel pocket. Also try a size down from the xwaves, seem to fit a bit bigger overall.
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I liked my X Wave 8s until after a couple of years the liners got really packed out and the heel lift was getting on my nerves. I've got a Med-Wide forefooot, Med-High arch and narrow ankles.

I ended up at an expensive bootfitters who sorted me out with Tecnica Diablo Magnesiums (06 model), I went down half a size (but he explained that the shell was the same size just the liner smaller) had to blow the forefoot out a tiny bit, but the end result is a nice snug boot with no heel lift...for now...?
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For what it's worth about two years ago I had some boot work done on older boots at Green Mtn Orthotic Lab @ Stratton - they strongly recommended dumping the old boots and getting a new X-Wave 8, 9 or 10 -- I have a wide forefoot and high arch. Ended up with new boots a month or so later fitted at a local shop - they put me in Tecnica Vento 10 HVL, which I have to assume is a similar fit, and which has held up great for me. Bought em real tight, they loosened up after 5 or 10 days out and have stayed perfect for the last two years.
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