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Skis - buy internet or wait and demo on mountain???

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Going to Canada for 4 weeks skiing this coming Jan. (2 weeks Sunpeaks, then 2 weeks travelling to Jasper, Banff, etc.) and unsure what to do about buying some new skis. We are going to buy new boots and skis for my wife and I (possibly for our 2 young kids also), and have already decided to wait until we get on to the mountain (Sunpeaks) before we get the boots. We feel 2 weeks tweaking on the mountain will have everything well and truly sweet by then, and as long as Derek or Nick (bootfitters at Jardine’s) can do a good job for us, and that the shop has enough choice then we’re happy to pay a small premium to have them fitted on mountain.

The dilemma we are having at the moment is regarding skis. 4 weeks skiing would be silly to do full ski rentals, as after 4 weeks we would have paid for a mid-priced ski anyway. We have seen a pair of 176cm Rossi Z5’s for CAN$450, and 170cm Rossi Z9’s for CAN$550 on Sierra Trading for myself and a set of 156cm Atomic M7’s CAN$300 for my wife. I am an intermediate skier (not overly aggressive, but not timid either) male 6' 0" 210lbs (95kg), and feel that I could handle the Z5’s, or could advance up to the Z9’s. My wife is a mid-high beginner (more of a leisurely /cruiser type) female 5’ 3” 125 lb (57kg) and feel that the M7’s should suit her.

The problem we have is, do we get the half priced skis from Sierra Trading, or wait until we go to Sunpeaks and demo some skis and decide then. The prices of skis on the mountain will definitely be dearer and could be anything from $200-$300 dearer than the ones we can get via Sierra Trading. We may get an Ok deal as we will be getting boots also, but still can’t see them being able to get anywhere near the prices on Sierra Trading.

Do we try and save some money and buy the skis over the internet, or do we be sensible and wait until we have demoed some skis at Sunpeaks and then buy whatever suits best (the extra cost may end up getting us the ski that’s suits best).
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If you are coming at that way then there is probably a big travel expense....and you certainly don't want to screw it up with skis you won't enjoy.

In Banff you can get some great skis for long term rental and demo a wide variety while doing so.

The shops love long term rentals as opposed to day to day and will likely give you a good deal.

What if you get here and the snow sucks???? Hopefully not but a possibility.
If it is -30+ like it has been most January's....is your Austalian heat conditioned body prepared to ski in those conditions?

If you buy are you going to lug it all back to Australia???

Buying the boots is a good idea but I would demo the rest of the trip.
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