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Tinkerbelle Boots?

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Please help me select a new boot.

I am female, 5'2" and 115 lbs. I am currently in a 23-23.5 shell Dolomite Sintesi junior race boot that is gradually decomposing on me after years of great service. My foot is wide in the instep, narrow in the heel, and high-arched. I have a lower leg that has been described as a boy's leg with a well defined calf muscle (no cankles here). I am an expert skier in good physical condition.

I hope you can give me some guidance. I am bedazzled by the Wall of Choices.
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Maybe you can get some when you are here in Stowe. We have two good shops that cater to junior racers and will have pretty much everything you could want and the know how to make it work.

btw - major perk of being with K2, you can get any boot you want!
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do a banff road trip for some early season turns, and come see me?

Maybe some of the lange jr race boots will work for you? At your weight I don't see you over flexing them...
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How about the Nordica Dobermann Aggressor 100? That's been recommended by two trusted sources.
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Benny and PJ both have them on the wall if you want to try them on.
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To follow up, I just ordered a pair of Dobie Pro 100s from Bud. Thanks, Bud!
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Well this is a post I didn't expect to see. I'm a little late answering and see a decision has already been made, but if you have the opportunity you might try a Tecnica Race Pro. I've had widths up to D in it without a problem and the instep is quite high. Forward lean and ramp may be a little much but that can be altered.

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