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Kirkwood on the news

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Right before the weather last night, they showed a short clip that they SAID was filmed at Kirkwood earlier that day. It showed two skiers in 6" of fresh, with a painfully blue sky in the background...ya gotta love California!

Did anyone get out to play in it?? I didn't think they were opening until tomorrow.
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I bet some employees or patrol got out there to make sure the snow was good enough to open... I've been drooling, and my kirkwood pass is getting ready to go, but i'm holding out for a bit more base. 1 more good storm and i'm there
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When I was a supervisor on the ski school at Kirkwood, the video dept would film us skiing a few days before opening. Then the management would pay 2-3 of us to drive all over Nor Cal delivering copies of the videos to TV stations throughout the Bay Area and the Central Valley, for play on that evenings news.

I can still remember 3-4 ft of snow, and nobody else on the entire mtn! Then there was opening day here at Vail-... Quite the opposite!

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I got out there opening day. It was honestly amazing. When the crust broke up I was in shock. Never hit a thing and skied perfect off-piste steeps and chutes all day. Shoulda been there. its deep enough.
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