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which model and flex with wide feets

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Hi Boot Guys,

thank you in advance for this.

Background: expert skier, 6'2, 210 lbs, 30 years old
Style: aggressive, fast, no racing (hockey player)
Location: mostly Austrian alps

Preferred terrain/snow: hard pack, groomed, sometimes crud/powder, bumps

Skis: fischer rx fire (165) Head XRC 1100 SW (177), Rossignol Bandit B2 (190) and soon fischer worldcup rc

Current boot: Tecnica Icon (8 years old, never stopped hurting, even though a fitter tried to make it more wider.)

Every boot I have ever worn has given me pain specifically on the outside of my foorfoot.
I am considering buying new strolz shoes (www.strolz.at). I could also get a HEAD RS110, but the bootfitter told me, that he would have to do a lot of customizing.
My foot is 274 mm long, and my foorfoot is about 114mm wide (EE on skating shoes). I have a high instep, guess average heel width, no calf problems at all and no toe box problems.


1. Which boot would you suggest?

2. If I get a Strolz model, I am not sure if I should get the "RACING" or "SPORTIV" model.
The flex of the RACING is around 130, and the SPORTIV has a flex of around 90. But I guess best would be a flex around 110 for me?? (like the HEAD RS110). What would you recommend?

would be very glad for any help.
ciao... marc
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Hello Marc,

I am the Pacific Northwest dealer for Strolz Ski Boots in the USA and can attest that the Strolz boots would be a very good option for you concidering your history with off-the-shelf ski boots.

I would probably put you in the Favorit model, which is the original Strolz boot that still comes in a very wide shell option, wider than anything off the shelf. If you get your Strolz in Austria they may decide to Stretch the Sportiv to accomidate your wide foot, which I might do after taking measurements and inspecting your foot in person. The Sportiv does have the option to stiffen the flex. The racing shell option of the Sportiv is very stiff and most advanced to expert level skiers that I deal with have found the racing to be to stiff in todays world of shape skis. I have fit many people in the Sportiv model that are your height and weight and stiffness has never been an issue.

Good Luck and if you have any other questions I would be happy to help.


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Hello Don,
thanks a lot for your fast reply. So you have Strolz shoes in the US too...thats cool.
Yeah here in Austria they have just the best reputation (it used to be not like that but over the last years Strolz did improve everything...especially the fitting). But the information about the shoes is still very little.

A lot of racers here use the Strolz inliner combined with some brand shell.

So you mean the Sportiv model comes with different stiff options and with the racing shell option it would be too stiff? (referred to Sportiv R, S, SWM right?)
Then the Racing model (referred to Racing R, S, SWM) is to stiff at all...in any options?

What would you say about the flex index of the differen strolz models..as my bootfitter says it is very hard to say because everyone is measuring different.

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The Sportiv accually has an insert that fits into the cuff for adjusting flex. Out of the box they come with the medium flex insert. If you want them stiffer there is a hard insert that comes with the boots, if you want to soften the boot you take out the insert all together.

Strolz has not published any flex index numbers as far as I know.

It is well know here in the USA that racers use the Strolz liners in brand name shells as well.


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Head 'S' Series. Try the S13. Otherwise find a Bootfitter with tools and time, gona cost you a few beers!
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Thank you again. But i did not understand the suggestion of your first reply. Are you saying that the "Racing" model is too stiff and I should definitely get the "Sportiv" model?

And if the "Sportiv" model, then there are type R, S, SWM. So which one??

Thank you too for your suggestion. I think I have a really good bootfitter here in Austria, who is doing a lot of shoes also for some world cup racers. He would build up an HEAD RS110 for me, but said that since I have such a wide foorfoot and high instep it is going to be a lot of adaption, but he could still do it. Nevertheless he recommended to take a Strolz.

Do you think the HEAD S13 is better than the Strolz and will be adjustable to my feets. I just looked on the net and it is quit a cool looking shoe.
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Strolz Ski Boots


If you go to a Strolz boot shop in Austria they will be able to make specific recommendations. Without seeing you in person I can only make broad recommendations.

The Sportiv R is the black boot with a one piece cuff and is the boot I sell 80-90 percent of the time. The Sportiv S has a two piece cuff with different cuff density options. The Sportive SWM has a large cuff option.

The Sportiv Racing (with the red shell) is extremely stiff and from my experience is way to stiff for most people.

Good luck,

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