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Best place for race coaching

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Its been three years since I've skied more then one week out of the season, due to sheer luck of random injuries each year. I used to be pretty into racing, spending a few hours every day running courses and what not. However, I feel that with my lack of practice over the past few years, I've grown a little rusty to say the least.

I'm looking for a mountain, hopefully not more then 2 hours outside of Boston, that offers lessons with trainers that are actually qualified for racing. I'm not looking for a full time coach, but just someone to spend a few hours with, give me a few pointers and tips, and let me know if there is anything I can focus on. It seems most of the instructors I've spoken with and heard about at various mountains, teach more for just improvement of general skiing, a very different beast then race skiing in my experience. If someone knows of a person in particular to get in touch with that could help out with my situation, that would be excellent as well. Thanks.
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Why not hit the search engine or go back through your old posts cause ... wasn't this addressed two seasons ago. I'm sure the answers are still the same.

: Just sounds familiar ... but then ... I'm getting to the age where I can hide my own Easter eggs too.

Heck ... just pay your money and join the race team and then train as much or as little as you want, race if you want or not if you choose. You will still be there with the group and get the benefit of the gates and the coaching.
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I actually forgot about that post I made way back when, I just took a look at it and reviewed your advice. I'm on my college's ski team, however, I was looking for a little more individualized guidance above and beyond what my coach can offer to a team of 30. I just did another quick search and really couldn't find any contacts for race teams or coaches near the Boston area. Any suggestions on how to go about finding someone or some team to join?
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Try contacting the Tri-State Racing Association clubs: http://users.wpi.edu/~skiteam/tristate/Clubs.htm
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Cam ... sounds like you should have attended one of the summer camps at Hood or Whistler. That would be the #1 thing for you next year.

Try sending a PM to Gary Dranow (that's what he posts as) ... he runs camps and see if there is anything happening over the Thanksgiving period. From his posts on Epic, he seems like he knows what he is doing and I've heard some good things said.

It sounds like one good intense week ... boot camp style ... would get you moving in the right direction.

Try www.modernskiracing.com for his site
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Wachusett has sunrise race clinics for adults. Check out the website.
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sibhusky, funny as it may sound, i'm already on one of those teams, i'm actually on the team that hosts that site.

yuki, a weed or so at a camp clinic would help a bucnh. i'll make a few calls and try to get something planned for future years.

racer256, i'll contact them and find out some more information about the program, it looks like it could be a pretty good way to get some help. wachusette is only about 30 minutes from where i am and wednesday nights are usually free.

thanks to everyone for the replies.
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Here is the link. They train on Smith.

See your pms.

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