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Where is the snow!?

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I am sure that I am not the only curious snowsports enthusiast in this forum that is wondering where all the snow is in Colorado and when it will be seen again.

Being a newcomer to this region, is this weather normal for the Rocky Mountains?
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I dunno about you but I was in Denver last weekend and there was plenty of snow for me to get 2 solid days in on the slopes.

Nevermind that at the top of Loveland Pass a number of tracks could be seen, so some folks are definitely hiking for turns.

But hey, if you wanna sit in Denver and inquire as to where the snow is, that's fine by me (less room on the hill next time I swing out!)

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I meant, "where is the snow in the Rockies?" Seeing how well October was starting off for snow it seems that the snow has died off within the last week or so as the weather got dryer and warmer...thats all I'm saying
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As discussed in the November Skiing thread, skiing in CO during November is usually fairly unpredictable. There will be skiing, no doubt, but I wouldn't expect to ski a lot of the steep stuff this early unless we get quite a bit of snow.
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I was watching the news last night and they said that November is the second snowiest month in Colorado, so hopefully we start to get pounded. Weird though. I would have never expected November to be #2.
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sorry man, was in a muy snarky mode yesterday and took this to be yet another "where's the snow/this season's going to suck" thread.

i got tired of hearing that last season, which was admittedly a poor season in Cali in terms of snowfall. thing of it is, you make do. while we may not have got the base and perpetual dumps of previous years i still managed to squeeze in 40 days on the slopes (not bad for a weekend warrior). what's more is that while quite a lot of my so-called "hardcore" friends sat around lamenting the lack of snow and brushing off heading to the mountains, i went out and skied, met some cool folks, and had one of the best seasons ever.

while your coverage might not be stellar at the moment in Colo, there is snow. i know, i skied it last weekend. hell, i flew out from Cali just to get some turns in at Loveland and A-Basin. who cares that it was WROD? not me. i had a blast with a few Epic folks, got the ski legs a wee bit warmed up and got the stoke burning.

anyway, remember what they said in Field of Dreams: build it and they will come. perhaps if they blow it, then it will dump, eh?
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I like your philosophy
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Dookey, love the thinking. Skied Keystone and A-Basin this weekend. Hitting Copper tomorrow. Spent two runs at Keystone before trekking to A-Basin for a fun-filled afternoon.

All things considered, ANY day on skis is better than listening to the corporate drones tell me how much their lives suck.

Colorado will see snow - man-made or otherwise. If you have the chance to get out. Go. You won't regret it.
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Wow, I cannot believe you guys are already skiing.

I still have one last mountain bike endurance race (Nov 18). It could well be on snow, according to long term forecast. But skiing still seems very far away for me.
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