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Ninthward Skis

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Does anyone have any experience with Ninthward Skis? They are handmade here in america and i'm thinking about trying a pair. What I'm interested in is the Firstblood model. It's a twinn tip that excells in powder and soft snow but is said to handle east coast conditions.

Check them out at level9sports.
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i may be wrong about this, but i swear i heard they were made in Austria...

that Firstblood (if that's the one in 187cm) does look like it could be a contender...

my bad...i'm thinking of the THA...that's the one that looks money.
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I picked a pair up on SAC....can't stop buying with the Cdn dollar at $1.07 to the US buck.

SAC professed a Powder magazine 2007 skiers choice award but I could't find anything in that regard.

I don't even think they reviewed them in the 2008 review as far as I could see.

We'll find out.

Cool graphics though:
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I have a pair of 180 FB. Never skied on. They seem to be well made with attention to detail. These were made in California by fiveaxis. Got that ghetto look.
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c'mon lars
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Well some of the Maggots rode them last year and they held up,enough said.
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post
They just might be mine soon:

What are you waiting for?
I can soooooooooooooooooo, see you on these
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Ask if they are the backward graphic series.

...and yes, they are now made in Austria.
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Wonder why my picture didn't show up?
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I was trying to figure that out lars.
I put the pic in my post. Is that it?

Whiteroom, do you stock these?
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Ya, I must have done something wrong.

Anyhow, that's them.

Nice huh?
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Yes, I do stock them. I sold all of the skis we were able to get last year (HUGE production problems...HUGE pre-order customer problems...HUGE headache for me), this year they have skis (good start) and they seem to be well made, I keep looking at the Nick Greener Pro Model as a possible ski for big days, it feels good. I'm impressed with the skis this year.
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Anything wrong with last year quality wise?
Made in Austria too or not?
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Some of their skis had the graphics messed up, there is 1/2 of a 9 on each ski. on the topsheet and the base. If the base graphic matched, the topsheet didn't and vice versa. No big deal at all.

The production problems were producing skis, not producing quality ski.
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Search at TGR -- several people picked up the First Bloods and 187s earlier this year. Some initial reviews, but not much on-snow time yet.

Maybe Newschoolers? Ninthward = park ski company. Though NS is pretty useless for real information.
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i saw a guy riding the 187's last season at Alpine Meadows. Tried to chat him up about the skis but lately I've been finding that folks don't like to talk about their skis. either that or i come off a little over-the-top and they think i'm a gaper and can't be bothered. me, if i was riding a pair of "indie" skis and loved them and somebody asked me about them i'd be more than happy to extol the virtues of said ski in a pleasant and friendly manner.

but that's just me and i do love to talk.

the 187 has a nice flex and on their site is marketed as more of an all-mountain and pow ski than a park/trick ski.
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I bought the 187 from the TGR deal, they look and feel slightly stiffer, and a little turny-er than my 190 VCTs. Can't wait to try them.
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