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USASA snowboarding

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If you are interested in competing in Freestyle skiing (slopestyle, skierX and pipe) or snowboarding (including alpine and freestyle), be sure to the United states of america Snowboard Association (USASA). We run competitions nationwide for all ages, and have the largest snowboard event in the world each spring - the USASA National Championships. This years nationals are at Copper (CO).

check out their website at www.usasa.org

Massachusetts skiers and riders, check out www.ridemass.org, the home for the Massachusetts snowboard series
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Dude, easy on the spam. I know you are excited but put a verb in the first sentence, capitalize America, just post it once and good luck with the comps.
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Sorry if it seemed like overkill, and yes, I definitely missed some capitalization errors (a long term problem of mine related mostly to poor typing skills, and even poorer proofreading motivation)

Nevertheless, I assume that most people, like myself, only check into a few of the different topics, thus, I chose to post in general snowboard (we are a snowboard organization), general ski (we allow Skiers, and not to many skiers check the snowboard forums), and the competition forums (for obvious reasons).

I would correct my errors, but do not seem to be able edit my own posts...
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If you want to edit a post more than one hour after you've posted it, just use the alert button and note what edits you want made. A moderator will be glad to update your post. We have this policy in place because of past abuse where people changed their posts in order to make subsequent posters look bad.
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