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SKI mag 60 top resorts, Wachusett better than Stowe ?

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This years edition has wachusett number 5 overall in the east.
Stowe is number 8, not to mention many others below wachusett.
I found this a shock (been to wa wa and like it, but come on...)
what does everyone else think ?
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hmmmm... i think colorado is in bed with SKI mag [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

(and as a side note, yay! i am about to roll on to the triple digits! )
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Ski magazine really blew whatever credibility it had with that issue. They left Mad River Glen right off the list, and Stratton and Okemo ranked higher than Sugarbush. In the West, Deer Valley outranked Snowbird, and Alta didn't even make the list!
They must have ranked those resorts by Pisten Bullies per acre, or by the price of valet parking or something.

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I think it's ludicrous ! That said, it's also based on a reader poll. Which almost leaves me speechless. It's not Ski Magazine that does the rankings, it's long time Ski Magazine subscribers. I'm not sure which would be worse. In the new issure of Skiing Magazine, they rank Stowe #1 and Wa-Wa is not on the list.
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NVSP,I just can't pass up an opportunity for a lttle good natured ribbing. To set the record straight, Wachusett was ranked #10 in the East. On reading your profile, I understand your chagrin. I think the rating must have been influenced by the number of skier visits last season. (WaWa had a record number of sell out days) Don't know how the poll is conducted, but the mere fact that so many folks came out and had such a good time might have had something to do with it. WaWa also had terriffic snow last year, more natural snow than many bigger resorts in New England. SKI Mag was right on target when they described the ski school as "the most enthusiastic in the industry". Read my profile and you'll understand why I agree with them. All in all, WaWa had a pretty good year last year and we're looking forward to another. It's nice that a small mountain was included in the rankings. WAWa doesn't pretend to be a destination resort, but it's a fine day trip, especially on a week-day. To be honest, the SKI mag rankings can't be taken very seriously. If I believed them, I'd have to believe the product recommendations too. Come ski with me sometime.
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i'm waiting for "eastsucks" to chime in here.
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Seriously Now! I've skied WAWA many times! It's a good mountain for it's size, but it does not deserve the high rating SKI gave it. I will say it is #1 in Central MA (hehehe, only other competition lowly little ski ward) but #5 in NE, that's crazy.
Yes, I have been known to have a century pass for WAWA, it is right in my backyard practically (20 min away). It is a good little hill when it is not so crowded that you have to wait 20+ minutes to catch the lift only to find the trails so crowded that you have to slalom all of the beginners that end up on Smith Walton or Upper 10th Mountain. They really don't have much if any upper level stuff. What is marked as their blacks are probably blues at most other areas.
Wachusett does have services that are equal or better than most other areas, I will give it that. It is also one of the closest areas to Boston, Providence, Worcester, Springfield and Hartford which account for most of it's patrons.
I would not go out of my way to ski WAWA. If I had to travel more than a half hour to get there I would probably choose to go elsewhere. Given the crowded conditions of WAWA, and the general lack of anything above a blue (in reality), I would rather travel the few extra miles and go to Pat's Peak or Crotched (once it re-opens)which have similar terrain, rather than wait in line to ski blues with black labsls and have services available that I do not use.

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I think it's OK to add small resorts to Top 10 lists. Hickory Hill, in Warrensburg, NY is the only place where a ski patroller ever asked me to spot a jump, and Plattekill still has a T-bar that is perfect on cold days. Bousquet, in Pittsfield, MA once sent 4 kids to the national team. Those are all high quality ski areas that could be recognized.
My problem with the SKI list of Top 60 is that it includes more fine dining than genuine expert skiing. In SKI's defense, it did manage to put a story about Highland Bowl on the cover.

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where's cannon?
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NE skier -
I owned a century pass last year and was thinking about it this year. looks like the night pass is going to be $43 this year !
The lines are bad (maybe 20 minutes). For where it is and being able to go during the week, it is great. The bar is actually better than other places up north. Its just that the rankings it got for all the catagories, just disappointed me. Yes the snow was good last year, but that should determine the ranking of the mountain. I will go this year, maybe once a week, i just think the ranking is a bit far fetched.
Given i work at the "other" local mountain, maybe we can catch up for some runs at one of the top ten in the east !
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NVSP--I learned to ski at "the other" mountain and a very fond of the place. My kids started in their after school programs, and I decided that it looked like more fun than sitting in a smiky lodge--look at me know, twelve years and many $$$ later, skiing is a major part of my life. (Funny--my college kids don''t ski any more.) You are totally right, the lines and crowds at WaWa can be intense, week-days until about 2:30 are the way to go. Weekday evenings are also good. Working there is even better--no lines, lots of business. My thinking on the rankings is that they are based on a readers survey. Most people who actually "read" SKI mag are probably recreational, probably intermediate skiers. Their preferences would be very different than those of a group of die-hards like us. Good grooming, good meals, good snowmaking,etc. are probably more important to them that what we'd consider "good" terrain. That could explain why Deer Vally out-ranked Alta, which is short on amenities. It's like saying that Bretton Woods is better than Cannon--depends who you ask. Okemo had great snow last year, don't know why they dropped out of the rankings, I had several great days there. Folks might have ben disappointed that the new area wasn't really open--I think there was one trail and I never got over there myself. Food and crowds there are always a problem on week-ends at...but, as I think about it, crowds and lines are a problem just about everywhere in New England on a good week-end.
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NE skier -
you are right.
i was wondering what the crowd is like at wachusett between 3:30 - 6:00 or so ? Do you work there as an instructor ?

when do the buses start showing up.
I was just considering buying the century pass this AM on the train into boston.
I work at NV 3 nights a week, so probably end up at wa wa 1 time every couple of weeks. (weekends are up north).
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I love Hickory...the only place that makes Mad River Glen feel like Stratton.

That list was beyond laughable... it boardered on insulting.
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From looking at SKI magazine if you don't drive a Hummer and wear a Rolex.....well you just aren't in the right ski crowd.
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Originally posted by John Dowling:
Ski magazine really blew whatever credibility it had with that issue. In the West, Deer Valley outranked Snowbird, and Alta didn't even make the list!
They must have ranked those resorts by Pisten Bullies per acre, or by the price of valet parking or something.

Are they rating terrain or the 'resort'?

If they are rating the 'resort' then the ratings are correct.
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Well put Slider. For the most part you have to laugh at their rankings.
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Ski Magazine...The "Conde Nast Traveler" of ski publications. Some very good perspective given in this thread. A lot of the skiing public wants to have a resort experience well within their comfort zone and Ski magazine probably intends to serve just that market. All magazines can't be Powder or Skier (I never miss an issue of Skier, it's one of my favorites) By the way I thought Cannon did very well, I think it got on the list for best scenery and challenge, and a few others. Besides we've got enough customers...lets keep the crowds down!
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Ski knows who their core demographic are, as well as the type of readers their advertisors want to attract. Hard core skiers don't fill the pockets of the resorts. You can't really have an unbiased resort ranking system in a publication that depends heavily on the dollars of those resorts they are ranking to survive.

Sorry to see Cannon didn't do better overall (although they lack the "resorty-ness" of nearby Loon which I'm sure factored in). I paid my first visit to the mountain last year and loved it. If they would have had a reasonable seasons pass price I had planned on buying one there over my threedom pass this year, but they really price themselves out of the market on that one.
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The true disappointment is that Nashoba didn't beat Wachusett.

What with the Outlook and all, it's no contest!

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