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Treo 650/700

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I have two batteries for a Treo 650 (also works with the 700) I don't need anymore. Good batteries hold the charge well.

Also have a Sedieo Car mount kit.

Will give away for shipping costs.

(Phone got run over and I replaced it with a 755p which uses different accessories.)
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I'll take them all, if I can. Happy to pay shipping. My spare battery is biting the big one.

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650 gear

still have the batteries and mount?
if so pm me or email direct
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I'll follow up on this in the morning, very busy now.

Yes they're still available. alpinedad asked first, but maybe I could send each of you one battery. the mount I want to wait for my new mount first, but it's available too. In any case alpinedad you got something, wilbana maybe you too.
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Sharing is fine by me. Thanks.
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OK, so two batteries, one for each of you. PM me with addresses please. Shipping will be awfully cheap, don't know what to say about that, a couple of stamps each maybe! As to the the car mount, it's a G2500M, don't know if I have all the parts, but the suction cup is on it. I might keep the external mike. So what I have is the windshield mount and power cord for sure.

Who wants that one? That plus a battery and it'll cost a buck or two to ship, maybe I'd just ship the other battery free.
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I'll take the mount if you're not keeping the mike. Sending PM with address.
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You wouldn't happen to have a belt clip?
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I have a somewhat beatup black horizontal mount belt clip. I ordered a new one, so if you want this you can have it. It works fine.
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whats the status? what has been taken?
im most interested in the mount, got any pix?

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wilbana, alpinedad is getting the mount. If you want a battery still PM me an address and I'll send you one and him the other.
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Anything left? Home charger, car charger, etc. Just got a 700wx...
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