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Nanotech water proofing bots. Similar in design to the dryer bots these guys are slightly larger due to a beefed up exoskeleton designed to handle the harshest of winter climates. Auto activated and powered by H2O these bots will keep your shell dry even in heavy rain.
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Hydraulic assisted shell opening system (HASOS) for plug boots. One of the major drawbacks with shell boots is the difficulty in opening the shell to insert or remove the foot. This can be challenging in warm shells and nearly impossible in a cold shell. However a boot fitted with the HASOS will open/close with the touch of button. End the gymnastics that results in cut fingers, torn nails, strained ligaments and muscles by fitting the HASOS on your plug boots today!
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A system that consists of accelerometers, yaw sensors, and the like that you can wear along with the heads up display and audio, mentioned above. The purpose is to process the data collected guide and correct your form in real time as you ski any terrain.
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Are dry cracked hands getting you down this winter? Then its time for our new Self Moisturizing Antimicrobial Gloves! The lining is impregnated with nanites that emit just enough moisturizing compound to keep your skin soft and supple without feeling sticky or wet. As a bonus they have antimicrobial properties that eliminates those stinky glove hands!
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Originally Posted by Max_501 View Post
That's great. What kind of a premium do they charge over similar skates?
Apparently none -- a custom boot runs upwards of $900.

They did use a plaster casting method, or a sock impregnated with a quick setting water activated compound. That sock was $70 a pair, with some hit and miss home results.

These machines are supposed to make the rounds at the upper level competitions, where many custom boot molds are fitted. It's marketing for bont.
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How about a doodad attached to the pole or binding that removes snow from the boot sole.

Even better would be a binding that automatically removes the snow as the boot is inserted.
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A small clip-on button using RFID technology that flashes when in the proximity of a fellow Bear to facilitate conversation, back-slapping and general merriment.

Hey....its hard to recognise anyone out there some days....
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