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Another suggestion, and it comes back to parking your car...
When I park in a long-stay car park (sorry, parking lot), e.g. at an airport, I make sure that there are other cars around mine. I never park it on its own, or hidden in a corner. Always in the middle of the parking lot. I also try to avoid leaving my car clean and polished, as that makes it more attractive.
Oh, and I lock the car.

So if you do leave your skis:
Put them with others (even if that makes them more difficult to find).
Don't make them stand out too much. (by hanging them higher than others, or scraping all the snow off them)
Lock them. (not only to each other, but to the ski rack as well, if possible)

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I was skiing with a friend and he had a newer model nice looking pair of skis. When we came back out after lunch his skis were on the ground and looked like some one was going to steal them by skiing off with them, I guess they losy interest once they noticed the 2" section of edge missing.

I personally use a cable lock, most likely it is easy to break but it keeps people looking for the quick grab from messing with my skis.

I think stolen snowboards are much more of a problem then skis.
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24 seconds

1) It usually takes me longer than that and I know where I put them to begin with.

2) Maybe 24 seconds is too much for the impulse thief and that is enough deterrent

If you never have the latest equipment you're probably safe too.

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This whole ski stealing business is really
a bad thing..........and, not always just for
the person losing the boards. A patroller
friend of mine was telling me about something
that happened a few years ago at an area where he was working. Seems two big and really nasty guys showed up at this area one weekend with one set of really nice skis which they used as bait while they hid just out of site. The minute it would become apparent that the skis were going to be stolen, these guys would jump out and do some
face busting. This apparently went on most of one day until local law inforcement got involved. It ended up getting ugly to the extent of a law suit for asault and battery against a minor and some question as to whether the ski area was condoning and/or encouraging this style of justice.
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Some years ago I saw a guy pick up my skis and poles from the rack and walk out the exit of the lodge. I headed him off ,going out another exit and confronted him and he said "Gee, they look just like mine, I must have picked them up by mistake."

So I said why don't you bring them back and put them on the rack and we'll look for yours. At that, he said with a smile handing me my skis "No, I'm late for a meeting, I'll come back and get mine later."

Without a police officer handy, there was nothing I could do.

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Ott, You could have followed him to his car and wrote down the liscense plate number. We will give a seasons pass to anyone who supplies information that leads to the arrest of anyone caught stealing equipment of any kind. :
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I had a pair of Rossi 4s...that greeny color. Not much other graphic junk. I had a buddy draw cartoons all over them with a big black marker. People in lift lines would read my skis..."Jesus Loves You", "Back off man!" and other such stuff. Definitely made them unique. But did not prevent the edges from blowing out. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Contact "Kneedropper" and get his bad Karma stickers.. www.northpoledesign.com

I always lock them. or we stay in sight of them or if it's to do a bathroom break we leave one person to watch the whole set.
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As a matter of curiosity, how many of you have ever had a locked car-top box broken into?

Tom / PM
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Tom, not a locked car box but...one year our ski area decided to build lockers along an outside wall of the lodge for instructors skis and equipment. All was OK until the January thaw hit and it rained for a few days and the area closed.

When we got back a few days later all the locks had been cut with a bolt cutter and good skis and poles and stuff was stolen, maybe a hundred pair.

I just wonder who buys that stolen stuff, I never see it advertised in the paper or have ever talked to anyone to whom they were offered.

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thanks dchan! I appreciate the support of The Cause!

Ski & Snowboard Thievery is rampant and is a widely unpublicezed (for good reason by the resorts) - Our primary goal is to boost public awareness.

FREE * BAD KARMA To Ski Thieves/Board Thieves stickers - just send a self-addressed (2) stamped envelope and I'll send you a handful of e/ for you and your buds. (site for address)
We also have (WickWear) shirts & keychains, etc. to help cover the cost of distributing our stickers for free.

Thanks and definitely, lock your stuff! They're watching.
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LOL! I saw two women split their skis yesterday. The reason it was funny:

1. Their skis were totally different - they really stood out.

2. There were only two other pairs out in front of the Snorting Elk (a very low traffic area where you can see the skis from the ground level restaurant).
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I make it a point to use the ski check at facilities that have them. At Alpine Meadows the day check is free. At other areas there may be a nominal charge for all day usage.

I also have written down in my wallet the serial number of each pair of skis that I own. In the event of a theft, I have some concrete way of giving the area/authorities a means to positively I.D. the skis as mine should they turn up.

Considering the $ investment involved in skis, bindings and poles these seem low cost alternatives to help protect them.
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