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Salomon streetracer 10...what next???

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Hello people,

Looking for some advice hear..im well advanced intermediate ,,skiing all blues and reds with ease ,not as confidsent onthe blacks im about 190lbs,tend to be fairly aggressive.

I own a pair of salomon streetracer 10's which i find to be a very good ski for me but im at the stage now that i feel when i want to push them that bit harder they dont respond well,i.e they dont liek the speed and they dont like to be muscled to much!Think i may be kinda out growing them

I tested a pair of Rx-8's last season ,admittedly in very icy conditions in France and well i wasnt overly impressed,especially in the turn initiation,no where near as sharp as my streetracer 10's.The Rx-8 was c ertainly better at speed but i felt,for me,not as sharp in the turns as the streetracer...i was kinda surprised and well it left me confused,,,can anyone help or advice on this ,am i going for the wrong ski ??
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Ever try the Fischer World Cup RC? Sounds like the RX8s just had a bad tune. I never demoed the 8 but I remember being quite impressed with the RX9, especially compared to the Streetracer 10s.
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salomon streetracer 10...what next???

I have heard of that particular ski but i guess because of the title"race ski" i have been a bit cautious in trying them,i had read lost of reviews about the RX 8 and well i felt quiete disappointed,the conditions were difficult but i did expect a little more,i noted how much narrower the tip was on the rx 8 compared to my sr 10....would that be the cause??
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I believe that either you were not using the RX8 the way it was meant to or the RX8 had been deliberately detuned so that it would not perform well when used with proper technique.

I have skied the Streetracer 10 and the RX8. I rented the RX8 from a ski shop and it was well tuned. I rented the Streetracer at the hill and while not perfect, the tune was adequate (edges sharp enough at least).

My experience was that the Streetracer could not handle speed without becoming very unstable, and the torsional flex on it was too soft to get any really hard high-g-force turns going; it would just let go. The RX8 did not have these problems.

If you are initiating your turns by tipping your skis, and the RX8 is properly tuned it will snap into a turn fairly quickly, but if you are starting your turn by pivoting and moving your tips in the direction you want to go with flat skis, then a properly tuned RX8 will resist that movement a little bit, while the Streetracer resists next to nothing because it is so easy to out-muscle.

You might also want to try a Salomon Equipe; it has enough torsional rigidity for good grip and it's speed limit is much more acceptable. Check and see if the edges are sharp tip to tail when you demo. They should be able to scrape material off the back of your finger nails.
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DaveSki: Look at the thread on Intuition liners and seriouslly consider


IMHO, they will increase performance by a level+ and the better fit, comfort and control will give you a much better idea of boot performance variables.

If I had to buy new boots for myself right now-I'd go to ebay and buy the cheapest shell in my performance range and the get the Intuition put in. Best $200 I've spent in 30 years sking.
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Street racer 10

Thanks forn the info,,i think my disappointing run on the rx 8 was more than likely down to a number of poor habits which i had become accustomed to on the sr 10,so must have a good look at that and i do remember looking at the edges and saying" god these dont seem as good as my sr 10's at all!" however being a demo ski and being open to everything new once i didnt question it!I think i may from now on.

Have been looking at the new dynastar contact 9 and the salomon equipe sc as maybe a replacement for my sr 10s aswell as being onest im just pushing them to hard now and when i ask that much from them they just respond by slipping and slidding,!,
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