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Congrats Jeff Bergeron!

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Certainly those who have been up to Jeff’s shop for some work lately noticed the distinctive cover sitting about. I’m aware epic bears Bob Barnes & Tsavo contributed.

Can’t imagine the thrill and pride that Jeff and his wife have [like other recent bear authors Lisamarie, SSH] when seeing a project come to print. Congratulations indeed.
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Definitely calls for an Epic Writers Book Party this season!
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It's an amazingly literate group we have here at epic. Just curious, can anyone tell us how many books by community members have been published in the last couple of years--and DVDs? I know we're doing our part to fill the sadly scanty shelves on skiing at the Big Box Bookstores.

Congratulations to our latest published authors, Jeff and Jennifer!
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1. Ski Like a Diva Jeff
2. Ski the Whole Mountain Eric Deslauriers
3. Brilliant Skiing Weems
4. Open Your Heart With Skiing ssh
5. Open Your Heart With Winter Fitness Lisa
6. 101 Fitness tips for Women Lisa
7. Reflections in the Snow (ski novel, coming soon Lisa)
8. Ski video by Snotrainer (not sure of name)

Probably more videos that I do not know about.
Coming in the future: Ski Fitness video. Might involve a "big name."
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Forgot Bob Barnes, but I don't think his book is still in print.
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
Forgot Bob Barnes, but I don't think his book is still in print.
Available on a CD from PSIA-RM.
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Thanks for the congratulations guys. Writing a book is certainly a much bigger project than I had originally thought, but it is definitely nice to have one done.

I hope to have my second - which I am planning to call Ski Like A Pro - available in December as an ebook. This one is much higher in level, and shows how parallel level skiers can add World Cup level skills to their skiing. Bob Barnes has been quite involved with the project, also.

Again, thanks for the notice and congrats to all the other writers here!



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