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Mammoth Mtn or what?

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I'm visiting some friends in LA and we're thinking about doing a ski trip within driving distance of northern LA with 4 guys. One person suggested Mammoth which he said was a reasonable drive. Another person suggested something up by Tahoe.

I've never been to either area and I was wondering what is the best area to go to? I looked quickly and Mammoth looks to be a bit cheaper than someplace like Heavenly. Plus Mammoth looked like it had lodging closer to the slopes vs Heavenly.

Open to any other suggestions or feedback....

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Mammoth is a lot closer, a little cheaper, and just as good, if not better skiing!

The only problem of Mommonth is it's too darn hard to get to from anywhere else except LA!
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Lodging isn't really much closer btwn the 2. You could go to Tahoe,ski, then make your way back to LA via hwy 395. 3 1/2-4 hr drive to Mammoth from Tahoe & spend a ski day or so at Mammoth. Then on back to LA. Maybe 5 hrs to LA from Mammoth ??? But Mammoth is a ton closer to LA than Tahoe is.
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As 911over stated, why not do both:. Not a bad drive from Mammoth to Tahoe or even closer to Mt rose right off of 395. Snow and weather conditions are a big determining factor. Mammoth can get blown out when it is calm further north, and visa versa. My home area is Tahoe but I really enjoy the drive and skiing at Mammoth. If there is good coverage, consider June mnt if Mammoth is blown out. If you are lucky and there is good snow there is also Baldy and a few smaller ski areas in the SanBernardino range.
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My general rule of thumb in terms of the driving from L.A. is to do Tahoe for 4 or more days. 2 or 3 better to stick with Mammoth. Unless the current snow/weather conditions strongly favor one over the other.
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OKay so i'm still undecided between the two. I'm wondering if I can just hold off until the week I get there or the week before and depending on the conditions I'll pick on or the other. How early do I need to make reservations?

thanks again
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Don't know about Tahoe, but you can pretty much always get something in Bishop (40 min from Mammoth) at the last minute. Depending on time of year you may have to book sooner to stay slopeside.
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You haven't told us when you're planning on going, or for how long. In any event, listen to Tony.
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