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The paper must have been submitted today, but since I'm a sociology professor, I have to comment on your study anyway(I can't help it.) You should think about self-selection bias when (if) you discuss the causes of skiers' attitudes toward boarders -- see jamesj's post re. average age of skiers and boarders. Another self-selection (and sampling) issue is gender -- I don't see as many girls as boys on boards, and I certainly don't see many women my age (39) or older on boards. In sum, the most reckless (statistically speaking) group of people is young males (check auto insurance rates or crime statistics for some evidence of this.) Also, as several folks have noted, it doesn't tell us much to think about skiers' attitudes toward boarders if we don't have a comparison group (as a psych student you can think about this as a control group in an experiment). So, it would be useful to get some data on skiers' attitudes toward other skiers (of various ages), and boarders' attitudes toward both skiers and boarders. But maybe that's just some advice for next semester. By the way, if you can think of a way to get some grant money to do some field research on skiing and/or boarding, let me know!