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Biggus Stickus

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A few weeks ago I saw that the 2003 Fischer Big Stix 84 had been given an Austrian makeover. Those people know not of graphic design! Soon after I found one pair of 2002 186cm 84’s on sale at the Winter Park Sports Shop. Woody top with flames. Much better.

This past weekend I stopped into the shop and found the price marked down even more to $429. And I had a receipt for a demo from last year which the shop would honor making the skis roughly $400 plus tax. Still a lot of money but I bought them.

I don’t need them. My Big Stix 74’s cover more or less everything except very deep and very funky snow. But the 84’s made a big impression on me last year when I demo’d them – smooth, light, turny, beefy -- and I’ve been yearning for a pair ever since. I feel a bit guilty of luxurious overindulgence. I’m sure that will vanish after a few turns this winter. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm a big Fischer fan but I have to agree that Fischer's Race skis and Big Stix line for 2003 are among the ugliest looking skis produced by any ski company this season. Let's hope that buyers don't judge a book by its cover although ski purchase history shows otherwise.
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Well Chimp, That was money well spent. The Big Stick 84 was my top pick in a wide mid fat In all the wider skis I demoed last season. I'm still thnking about getting a pair But right now I have to sell a few skis in order to do that. The paint job on last seasons skis was classic. I love that retro look. Reminds me of my Surfing roots. A local shop has some of the Big Sticks from last season still in stock They haven't opened for this season yet But I'm betting I could pick a pair up for around $400.00 or so. By the way If your looking for Bindings Surefoot in Park City Has the Look P12 for 1/2 off Give them a call on weekends.
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Justify it this way, the next time that there's a freak storm that drops 3 feet of snow, you'll be all set! I don't know where you ski but having a bigger ski laying around for those epic days is always a plus.
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Astro skis Winter Park, and there's no problem finding powder round there.

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Lostboy...my 74's have this electric piss yellow color on them. I've gotten used to it.

Utah49...thanks for the binding heads up. I tend to shop localy for last year's binders. I have my eye on a pair of Lok turntables from lat year for $120 at Ski Deals.

WTFH...they better have lots of snow this year. On my way to work I did see snow on the mtns between Boulder and WP.
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I hate all you people who get to ski powder all the time
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I love my big stix 106!!!
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Posted by Astrochimp:

"Lostboy...my 74's have this electric piss yellow color on them. I've gotten used to it."

I think the electric yellow is kinda cool. Its the greyish/white colors with the "harmonic" hash marks on some RC4 models and that same greyish/white on some Big Stix models that I can't relate to. It looks like the graphics came off a copying machine that's due for a toner change. :
I Still love Fischer's though. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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