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Buying off The Net

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Hi, my girlfriend is a beginner skier looking to improve and is looking into buying some boots. Both of us have jobs in japan over our uni break so we hope to ski everyday. She has a very limited budget being a uni student so buying off the internet seems like the best option for her. We have a similar foot shape only shes about a size smaller than me so i got her to try my tecnica magnesium 26.5 just for sizing and they are a size too big (when shell sizing could probable get 3 fingures behind her heel on my boots) so i figure 25.5 will be fine for her. Im thinking that the Tecnica Womens Spark in a 25.5 would be a good choice for her. Any thoughts? I know that you should get boots properly fitted but we live in Australia and further more on the Gold Coast which is about 1500km from the closest ski field and the closest ski shop to us is selling the 2007 Sparks for over double wat we could get them for on the net from say rei.com. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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There are women with a 25 foot but not nearly so may as with a 24. With 3 fingers I am betting your girl friend is either a 23 or 24 and I am going with 23. Why not get her measured?

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Measure her foot length (both) from heel to toe and her forefoot width in centimeters and let us know!

Agree with Lou, three fingers spacing is probably a couple sizes too large.
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