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Anyone have luck with NAXO warranty

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I moved my NX 01 to some different skis, clamped in my boots, snap, whole heel broke off.

These are supposed to be the generation after the initial durability problems.

I sent them an email....
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I've heard nothing but good things about BCAs customer service. Last year they treated me right when my 1st gen Tracker went crazy, it was out of warranty and they let me purchase a new one at cost. They were responsive and actually returned calls/email.
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BCA is really good, they'll take care of you.
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Credit where credit due:

They sent a replacement heel right out, no proof of purchase or product registration required, no postage or handling charged. A first class example of product support!
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BCA took care of me two winters ago when my 1st gen tracker stopped recieving. It was out of warrenty and they sold me one at cost. They really didn't have to do anything. They also sent me new bite valves after I chewed ice out of my first one and broke it. Bruce Edgerly has published some good work on probing and organised shoveling. They are also involved in the instalation of automated beacon basins for tranciever practice. There are several in my area. BCA is a first class company.
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they are really fast about replacing parts on naxos.

I havent had a problem iwth mine yet(cross fingers) but my freind who killed his got a new pair almost instantly.

He even called them when he moved down shell sizes and got meduim rails for 10 bucks.
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They sent me shorter rails for my nx02 bindings for free, including shipping, with no questions asked. I even tried to pay for them and they guy just said "don't worry about it, no charge". I thought that was pretty awesome service.
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BCA has excellent service
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