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Dobermann for a wide foot

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I have been skiing a Nordica Speed Machine 14 for the last 2 years ( about 100 days). They feel very comfortable, but are not as tight as they used to be( pack out), also they seem to be more flexible than they used to be. The only work on these were to heat form the liner, and add custom foot beds.

I recently had the opportunity to buy a pair of never used or worked on 2004 dobermann softs. I am 6'5", 240 lbs. neutral stance, high arch and a wide foot.

The speed machines are 29.5, and the dobermann's are about the equivalent.

what is the best way to attack this low volume boot, or was this a bad idea?

One last thing, I will keep the 14's for a fun boot.
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Wide foot? How wide? I have many customers come in and tell me "I have a wide foot" only to measure them and find it to be average width or even on the narrow side.
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E right foot@ 125 mm or 4 5/8" wide, left foot @ 122 mm or 4 3/4" wide
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and I am only @ 90 min from Chicago
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Well you are on the wide side. What are you feeling in the boot? the boot can be worked on and probably made to fit, but the question is do you want to spend the time/money to modify the boot to that exstent. Plus everyone has a different idea of "comfort" and "performance". Meaning what you find tolorable in a boot, the next guy might find really painfull. Let me know if I can help you.
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You need to see your fitter. A Dobie (pro) can reasonably be made a bit wider than an unmodified SM. A WC Dobie (yours) can reasonably be made a little wider than a Dobie Pro.

The biggest issue might be where your foot is wide. If you are a tapered wide ("V" shaped) it will be more doable than if you are a blocky wide (brick shaped)

See your fitter....he/she'll know

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sounds like a lot of stretching and grinding will be required, depending on your perception of comfort it can be done, just find the right fitter and give them time to work
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Thank you all for responding. I do not have the boots in hand yet.
My foot is a V, then my toes narrow back up. The arch is pretty high. The widest point on my right foot is a bit sensitive(from a Lange boot I could never get to fit), and develops a bump if i try to fight it. I also have 2nd buckle issues on my arch if I clamp it tight. One more fun thing about my foot is my long ankle, or high calf. It is usually above the top of most boots requiring me to buckle the top 2 buckles to the end.

I do want the boots for racing. Performance over comfort, just want them to be tolerable. Any ideas on what kind of time this fit might take? Is any one familiar with Timber Ridge ski area shop? Gary Andert from Outpost Sports in Mishawaka IN?
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Oi! Cookie, Atomic 'M' series, end of.
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Yes the Atomic M would be nice, but I need something stiffer than what I am already skiing, which I do not think the Atomic M is the answer. I want the dogg. and I want to make it fit. grind or punch or both?
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I know of Timber Ridge. I can fit this boot for you, but it sounds like it might take some time and possible more than one trip back to see me. Call me at the shop on tuesday and we can talk. 708-389-4963, ask for Jon. If you want a referance you can PM Mosh and ask him, he knows me.
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