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All mountain Skis

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Alright, i am just looking for general feedback on a set of skis. Currently i live in Ohio, and normally ski on the icey garbage dump hills they have out here. However i do make two annual 10 day trips out west each year. Im looking for something that works on the ice (like anything is really great though) but also rips it up in the powder and bumps out west. I take plenty of powder hikes out west and enjoy skiing the glades and bowls. I would say im a very advanced intermediate (not quit an "expert" yet). The skis ive been looking at are the Salomon Tornados, K2 recons, and Volkl av40's.

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any of those are good choices, along with an Elan Magfire 12 or Nordica Enforcers. There is not a ski in that group that is a bad choice.
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I would choose the K2 recon. great all around ski.
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Powder hikes, glades and bowls speaks to a fairly wide and medium soft ski.

The local conditions speak to something narrower, probably stiffer, and perhaps shorter.

The skis that you mention fall in the middle, if you are not prioritizing one condition or the other that's not a bad way to go.

K2 Recon....On the soft side of medium. Very good in softer snow, OK on firm snow. Not great on real ice. Personality is smooth, quiet, no surprises.

Volkl AC-40....Stiffest of the three, best on ice, worst in soft snow. Personality is agressive, needs some game from the skier, delivers lots of grip, power and energy.

Solly Tornado....Tweener in flex, on the medium side of medium when mounted with the Smartrac Binding, on the softer side when purchased flat. The feel is light, nimble and energetic. OK on Ice, OK in soft.

There are lots of good skis in this width (78-82mm) range. Most will suit you well and do most things you've asked....none suck. If you wanted to prioritze the softer snow, you might consider something a little wider. If you wanted to prioritize the local conditions, I'd suggest you stay in this range and choose a model with a little hard snow bias.

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Don't buy anything you haven't demo'd.
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Keep what you have for the hardpack and buy new skis for the soft snow. Look at the Head Monster 78 or 82 for skis that will work every day in western snow...sometimes deep, sometimes wet, sometimes hard & crunchy. I wouldn't compromise too much trying to find skis for both your icy stuff and the soft fluffy snow. There are no skis that are excellent on all types of snow. The Monster 78 will probably be my next ski.
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