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Layers Questions

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I'll be skiing in Aspen (Snowmass) during the Thanksgiving holiday. I plan to wear Polartec underwear (midweight) on my legs and North Face insulated pants.

See here for pants:

Do I need any layers between the underwear and pants?

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sreymr,Welcome to Epic. Kinda hard to know what the temps will be then. It would seem from your description that you will have plenty of insulation, maybe too much. I have skied Utah and Colorado in the colder months and never use insulated ski pants, rather controling comfort with layers under. If it were me I would take a light weight 1st layer just in case it is on the warm side.
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Depends on how warm you are generally when you ski. If you are more of a hot-blooded person then the long underwear will definitely be overkill. If you are generally ok temp or cold what you described should be just fine.

I am more warm-blooded (don't get cold as fast or easy as my ski buddies) and I don't wear long underwear unless its going to be below 25 degrees as a high temp. Although its still a couple weeks off, I doubt it will be that cold over Thanksgiving. I would guess high of about 35, low around 20.

Don't forget, the air is much drier out here, so a couple thin layers can provide a bunch of heat.
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I have a rossignol insulated ski pant (40 g) and a polartec thermal pro underwear (for legs it could be described as an expedition weight). As a top it is a mid weight fabric. It is not bulky, though... That combo is suitable for the coldest days. When it is not very cold i wear a light/mid weight underwear. When it's warmer i wear a lightweight underwear for my legs for wicking.
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I agree with everyone else that that should be fine absent some kind of hyper-sensitivity to cold.

I wear long underwear and uninsulated shell pants in most all weather. I'll vary what I wear on the "core" depending on temperature, but I pretty nearly always wear the same thing on my legs. Not an issue.
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Originally Posted by sreymr View Post
I'll be skiing in Aspen (Snowmass) during the Thanksgiving holiday.

you may want to bring something for warm weather. and pray for snow cause we ain't got any!
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Yeah, Aspen can be fairly mild even in February, compared to front range resorts. Don't overdress, specially if you're gonna do some hiking at the Highlands or Snowmass.
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I have the same pants as sreymr, and tend to be more "hot-blooded" than my ski-friends, as redkal put it. I've used them, along with a pair of Kenyon midweight thermals, in a pretty wide range of temps (~20 to ~45) and never get uncomfortably hot. They have pretty generous venting through the gaiters and pockets, and big vents on the outside of the knees. On the warmest day, my legs did get pretty warm, but ditching my jacket and just skiing in a fleece/midweight base layer was enough to compensate.
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Thanks for the great replies. I appreciate the information and advice.
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I have those pants and they are very warm. I would bring a good wicking base weight underwear like patagonia capalene for warm days or even a knee length underwear. Add your home location to your profile, info like that helps
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I don't know what kind of thermostat you have but I would be on fire in Polartec covered by insulated bottoms. It's can be tough to do when you are at an unfamiliar mountain but I often carry a backpack and lock it to something at the mountain if, 'I’m feeling paranoid.' I can take off or add clothes as needed from the bag. No one, in decades of skiing' has taken anything from my bag. Just don’t use a n expensive one. The worse looking the better.
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