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SierraJim: differences in Prophet 90, Snoop Daddy and Mythic Rider?

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I am an infrequent poster on this forum but appreciate your insight into the characteristics of different skis. I'm interested in the above skis and also the Prophet 100. About me, 50 years old, skiing for 25 years, level 7-8, 60-40 backside vs frontside, more of a finesse/cruiser (read:less aggressive)) than in younger years, ski primarily on Mt Hood but take trips to Tahoe and Whistler every year. Looking for an everyday ski as I'm not much into quivers. Currently skiing on 176 B2's from 4 years ago. In general I like them but don't think they ski the Northwest crud very well and are a little too turny on the pack (very good in bumps though). Current interest is in a wider ski that works over a wide range of conditions. My primary concern about the 3 skis I've listed are that they are too close to the B2 and I should be going wider, hence the interest in the Prophet 100's.

So, if you (or anyone else) could take minute, I would appreciate you view of the pluses/minus's of the 3 skis listed as they are high on my list. For instance, I've looked at the MR's and they seem to have the characteristics I might like but feel stiff in the shop. True? Conversely, I've read the good things you've written about the Snoop Daddy but it feels soft in the shop. Based on your on-mountain experience is that accurate and if so, does the Prophet fall in between them and are there reasons they were not mentioned in your Crazy 88's post last spring? Sorry for the long post but I don't buy new boards very often so all the information I can gather is helpful. And appreciated. Thanks
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Where to start......................

OK....let's try this approach. You are talking about an everyday ski, so it doesn't matter how close it is to your B2 since it will essentially replace your B2. You have to decide for yourself how wide a ski you want as an everyday tool. In my own case, I own 3 skis from 94-105mm but would not choose any of them if I had to settle on one ski. My personal choice for everyday is a ski in the mid-high 80's.

I have skied in most general areas of North America and some parts of Europe. This year, the choice for all that would be the Mythic by a narrow margin over several other great skis including the '08 Fury and the Snoop. Last year, that choice was the Snoop. Stiffness is a personal thing but in general, I don't care for stiff skis, I much prefer medium to the stiffer side of medium. When I'm on a ski that is a little softer, I just try to select it in a slightly longer size.

Snoop vs. Mythic........Both are great skis. The Snoop is softer, lighter, and more nimble. I like the Snoop in 185. The Mythic is stiffer, straighter and more stable.....I like it in a 178.

I spent most of a day on a P-90 trying to figger out where to stand on it in order to feel balanced and to get it to turn without muscling it. I never really got there so I don't have a great feel for that ski. I found that I ran out of rearward adjustments on the demo binding right about the point at where it started to turn well (-3 cm from true) Among twips, I do like the Volkl Bridge and the Big Trouble from Dynastar. The Bridge is better on hard snow, the BT is better in soft but I see no bennies to myself in choosing a twip as an only ski. YMMV on that.

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Thanks for the info SJ, especially to such subjective questions. I appreciate your point of view though because you articulate the characteristics of skis very well. Two last questions: would you say that the MR is geared more toward longer GS types turns and Snoop more toward shorter radius turns? And is there is any noticable difference in the rebound energy of the skis, as in the snap when you release the turn. Again, serious thanks because demo'ing any of these skis is a difficult for me.
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The TR of the 174 Snoop and the 172 MR are almost identical, the difference is in the flex and the light weight of the Snoop. Given the somewhat softer flex, the Snoop will bend deeper, pop a bit more and feel more nimble in making SR turns. Since I like a gee-essy feel, the Mythic fits my tastes very well. The MR can return a lot of energy but you have work a bit harder to get it.

If you are comparing similar sizes like 172-MR vs 174-SD, the Mythic will feel subjectively bigger and more powerful, the Snoop will feel more playful. You should not discount the edge grip of the Snoop though. Atomic knows how to build in edge grip and the Snoop has it. It's more concentrated in the back 2/3 of the ski due to the softer tip.

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Thanks once again SJ - that is exactly the type of info I was after.
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I was down in California this past weekend and while driving down from Truckee to the Sacto airport I dropped into your store to take a look at the MR's and Snoops side by side (stores up here in Oregon seem to carry one or the other). It was interesting to me that they seem to be very different skis (MR's much stiffer) but you seem to be very high on both of them. It made me wonder whether the Snoops ski stiffer, the MR's softer or you just like each of them for the way they ski, even though they might be different. If you could take a second, I would also like to hear why you thought the Snoop was better than the Legend 8800. I demo'd the 8800 last year and thought it was good but held back because I was not sure if I wanted a ski with more shape so I'm curious why you preferred the Snoop. Thanks again for your responses to my many questions. By the way, that is one large ski shop you've got there in Sacto. Seemed to be a really cool (and knowledgable) crew working there too.
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You should demo both skis if you can.

What's your BSL? If it's close to mine (328mm) I'd let you ride my 185 Snoops and try them out.
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Oh, so that was you....Tyler told me "some dude from the PNW etc..." sorry we missed connecting.

I try to ski with the staff as much as possible so we can talk about gear while we ski it. As a result, (for better or worse) we seem to have similar opinions on gear even though what each of us prefer is different.

Note that my preferred size for the Snoop is 185 while for the MR it is 178. You have to consider the flex and overall personality of the ski. The Snoop is super quick and nimble for as wide as it is. The flip side is that to get the proper stability for my tastes, I need to ski the 185. The MR is a much more deliberate feeling ski. Because of that personality, I can ski the 178 comfortably. I would not even consider the 184 MR unless I was moving to a mountain with a lot of above timberline acreage.

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Oooops...I forgot the reference to the 8800.

The 88K was/is a fine ski with one flaw for my preferences. The tip is a little too soft for my tastes. As a result, if skied agressively in deep/heavy snow and in the 178 size, the ski would tend to push back under the skier. This is about the last thing that you need in deep snow. So...I thought that the 178 skied too short for my tastes and the 188 was bigger than I really wanted. The operative size for my tastes would have been the 184 that they never built.

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Thanks SJ, once again very informative answers. I'm beginning to think the MR in a 172 might be the answer. I'm just concerned that the flex and sidecut of the Snoop might cause it to overturn and not be stable at speed, which is what I dislike about my elderly B2's. (Tip to waist sidecut is actually deeper on the Snoop's). Anyway, lots of food for thought here once again. I still find it interesting that you like both skis given their differences. Thanks again for your insight, it is really appreciated.

Memosteve: I agree about demo'ing and appreciate the offer to ride your Snoops. I guess I have mixed thoughts on demo'ing in that it usually takes me more than 1 day to learn a new ski . If I have not pulled the trigger by the time there is a decent base, I may take you up on that offer though. Thanks
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Fisher Watea 84 looks like a great bet!!!

I may go a little fatter with the 94 up here in Washington state
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Originally Posted by wyeast View Post
I still find it interesting that you like both skis given their differences....
I ski about 50-60 different skis a year and spend significant time on probably 20. I like almost all of them. In the range of mid-80's to low 90's there are at least 6 skis that I would be happy to buy for myself. They are quite different skis but I'd be happy with any of them. I can find happiness on almost anything within the medium range of shape, stiffness etc. The Mythic is my current fave but that doesn't mean it will be such for everybody.

Three of us were skiing on a day last year at Kirkwood when we saw 8" of new over frozen coral heads. The drifts in the trees were up to 18" or so. Two of us preferred the Mythic by a small margin while the Tall Canuck you spoke to in the store preferred the Fury by a small margin.

There is seldom one finite answer to "what is the best ski for me"

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SJ - point taken here regarding your preferences, it was just intesting that you liked both since they seem to be very different in flex and sihape. And to be clear, I am not neccessarily asking what is the best ski for me, I've just been looking for your (or anyone else's) opinions about the characteristics of the skis you like in the 85-95 waist category. I need to then figure out what might make sense for my tastes and budget. I'll move on now but not before saying again that I appreciate your insights on the various options.

And jaypeak, your rant is just that. You know 'for sure'? Unlikely....
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