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Moonlight basin..

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Research on previous threads seems positive. Looks pretty attractive especially given the chance to ski Big Sky too! I was curious as to what people thought about the conditions in the 1st week of March? How about Powder days in March?

I have heard some conflicting reports about snow conditions and how it may not snow all that much, relegating skiers to PP and not much access to the headwaters. The other concerns were the rockiness of the above tree line stuff.

The other option I am considering is Powder Mountain in Utah.
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Coug, disclaimer I work for Moonlight Basin and have since we opened (Employee # 4). Previously I worked for Big Sky. I have been in the area for 15 years.

Big Sky and MLB are well covered by March. March is traditionally a snow month, on average one of the snowiest. The Headwaters area can be rocky any time of the year due to the steepness. It is freakin STEEP!

MLB faces predominantly north. Snow quality in March is excellent.

Powder Mountain is a nice area but MLB/Big Sky is something else entirely.:
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DO NOT plan a destination trip to Powder Mtn in March, I sky utah end of feb every year and for sure powder mtn can get very very crappy because if it's low elevation, some south facing slopes, and low angle terrain in general. okay and even great for a day trip if it is snowing at anytime.
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Thanks for the info bunion. It looks like lodging might be within our ballpark for 6 people, although the only ski-in ski-out was arrowhead at a pretty pricey rate for the whole week. I am calling again today to what packages you might have as the ticket office has closed by the time I called.

SD I didnt know about Powders low elevation. Thanks for the heads up!
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I concur with Bunion. March is the month that sees the greatest snowfall of the season here in Missoula, and Lone Mountain tends to get more than we do out of the predominant storm patterns in the spring on a yearly basis. Check out Tony Crocker's site for a numerical history of snowfall.
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If you read my other threads on the subject you'll find I recommend early March as the best time to hit Bridger Bowl, Moonlight and Big Sky. By then the snowpack is at its deepest plus March tends to get more powder than any other month.
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STAY AWAY FROM MOONLIGHT!! That place just SUCKS... It's a frickin disaster. No snow, rotten conditions all the time!!!

(Just making sure there's less people for me to ski around... I love that place.)
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