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Advice please - First time in Brekenridge

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Hi, we are thinking of coming across the pond to Brek for the first time in Feb. Does anyone have any advice in respect of condos close to lifts and slopes, where to eat, skiing in nearby resorts that we shouldn't miss and so on. Thanks for any feedback. Nigel
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It can be a challenge figuring out the real location of various condos -- I actually think a lot of management companies are purposely vague. When I was looking, I found one company that actually had street addresses for most of their properties, which let me correlate to Google maps. (You will see many, maybe most, properties listed by several different companies.)

With that lead in, if you search you should be able to find the threads last year where other Bears gave me advice, and threads from this fall where I posted the aerial photos with condo names that I put together.

Like most resorts, the limited space to build means the most convenient places are also the most luxurious - so you have to pay twice, as it were. One premium for a good location, and another for a large, super-deluxe condo (even if you really only care about the location).

If you are with a large mixed-ability group, ski-in-ski-out is probably worth the extra cost. If you are just going to go out in the morning and come back at the end of the day, I don't think it is. Sorry for the rant, this is a sore point for me -- due to a comedy of planning errors with the other family we travelled with, we paid big bucks for luxury we neither used nor wanted.

Anyway, there are a lot of good lodging choices in Breck, and we had a great time, but figuring it out can be kinda hard.
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Oh yeah, another thing - if you are travelling on non-vacation weeks or planning way ahead, the direct owner listings on the web can be a good way to go. (My experience was that this is probably already too late for that approach for peak weeks.) There are a couple of big sites -- the one I remember is vrbo.com (stands for vacation rentals by owner).
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It's been a few years since I was last in Breckenridge but from what I recall there was free shuttle bus between Breckenridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin if you're looking for other areas within close distance (lift tickets were good at all three). As far as places to stay, there were quite a few options in Breckenridge, unfortunately limited true ski in-ski out, much was ski in-shuttle to the lifts, which was not bad at all. There was free transportation around the town. Also second the recommendation for vrbo.com.
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Summit Stage is free everywhere in Summit County; linky for schedule. Be aware that you have transit centers with transfers in Frisco and Silverthorne. Going from Breck to Copper is 2 buses; Breck to Keystone is 3 buses.
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Breck has a plethera of lodging options. Of course, the better the deal and the closer to the lifts that particular unit is, the quicker the popular dates will be snatched up. I live in the County so I have only stayed at a few places there over the past 25 yrs. Perhaps investing some phone time with some of the prop mgt companies might be rewarding. vrbo.com is worth a look. Honestly, getting to the slopes each day is not a big deal as long as you aren't on the outskirts of town. The Breck Transit System along with the Summit Stage makes it very easy to get around w/out a vehicle.

There is/will be a very easy *and free* way to get from Breck to Keystone and on to A-Basin and back during the ski hours (meaning no night schedule) on the Summit Stage. I was told by one of their drivers that this should start when their routes switch from summer to winter - on Nov.11. There is likely to be a bus (Vail Resorts Express) starting perhaps mid-December thru late March that will take guests from Breck to Vail on M-W-F each week. One bus over, one bus back. It cost $20/pp rt last winter; prices haven't been released yet this year.

There is also Summit Taxi and Fresh Tracks Transportation that offer fare service for flexibility/convenience.

As far as food or nightlife goes, Breck has the highest concentration of food and bar venues in the County, I believe. So it comes down to what type and what price dishes you want. This tends to be a subjective topic depending on your tastes.
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