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Public Enemy Binding Question

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I'm looking into buy some PE's in 174 or 179 length and I'm looking for a good cheap binding to put on it. I understand that good and cheap dont really go together but i dont have a ton of money to throw at bindings right now. I'm 6'2 and 195 lbs, 23 yrs old and ski in New England most of the time. I'm buying the ski as an all mtn ski, not a park ski as i spend a lot of time in the tree's and bumps. Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, should i go with a 174 or 179 length? I want a decently short ski for the tree's but dont want to go too short.
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PM Highway star he has some used look turntable binding for 100. dollars

One pair is a 12 din model and the other is a 14din model.

I am 3 inches shorter than you, and was 30lb lighter on the 179 last year. Often I wished it was longer out here. IF you ski all most all eastern tree though I would probably go with the 174 in this ski. ITs one of the best treeski made and it can cover a wide range of conditions.
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Yea that's why I decided to hop on a pair. Did you want a longer ski for more float or some other reason? Also, any recommendations on Look P12 Cross or TT09's? They both have pretty good reviews, but I've never skied a look binding before.
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Pick up a pair of Look PX12s from BCOutlet for $93 shipped:

The brakes may fit the 85mm waist; if not, just bend them.
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If you haven't bought the PE's, check out Proctorjones.com. I bought a pair for $238 with free shipping. I think they still have them. That is almost proform price from last year. I would go with the 179. That's what I rode last year. I am 6'0 200 lbs.
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ut hucker,

I havent bought them yet, but I can only find this years ski's on proctor jones. If you find a link, can you send it my way? Thanks
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I can't find them either. I bought a pair about a month and a half ago. The cheapest I can find now is 299. Enter SKITEN7 at checkout to get them for $289.
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